Isola, a lovely little Italian Restaurant, part of the Gaia Group. Located in the heart of Central- IFC 🙂
As you walk in, you notice the nice white interior and beautiful view overlooking the waters! And, bonus the food was pretty good 😉
Sorry, I didn’t do the best with pictures :/ But , after looking through these pics..I’m getting myself a nicer camera! So you guys wont be disappointed! Descriptions from the Isola Menu!
Warm Bread Basket
                                       Bread Sticks (Waiter was nice enough to bring a TON out!) You know me. I LOVE bread!

Maccheroni Martelli with 3 types of Italian pork sausage ragout HK$198
Three different ways to serve Italian raw tomatoes:
bruschetta; tomato and Mozzarella and with onions and olives- HK$158

 My main: The black cod was really juicy, but something about the flavor didn’t do it for me! It was also slightly TOO oily!

Oven broiled black cod with aromatic lemon, basil and parsley breadcrumbs
served with sautéed mixed vegetables- HK$248
Lamb chops with roasted sweet onions and roasted potatoes, balsamic mint sauce  HK$288

Who knew hot coffee would be so good over ice cream…?

Dessert (HOT COFFEE over vanilla/chocolate ice cream. YUM!)
Complimentary Petit Fours 🙂

Overall, the meal was great, we got the chance to try everything and the view is already worth going!

Isola 2383 8765

Shop 3071-75, Level 3, 
IFC mall, Central, Hong Kong

<3 Always, Jess