Isono Eatery & Bar

Isono Eatery & Bar makes a splash in the recently restored Police Married Quarters (PMQ.) I’m not too much of a fan of the design of PMQ but I am a fan of the group behind Isono. The Drawing Room Concepts restaurant group are the brainchild of the beautifully luxe Ammo, fine dining establishment Vasco (easily sprawled above Isono), easy comfort foods at Hainan Shaoye, the casual chain Hawker 18, catering with DRC, FEAST and so much more. Phew, that was a mouthful. Their restaurant resume reads easily and makes them one of the most established restaurant groups in Hong Kong ever since their launch in 2009. Enough already about the impressive group….onto the FOOD at Isono Eatery and Bar. Thanks Kenneth for this tasting!!!


Isono’s Beef Tartar, with organic egg, crispy bread and a truffle mayonnaise dip. This gem is a thing of beauty. The juicy beef tartar had the perfect texture once you mix it in with the creamy egg yolk. Combine a dab of truffle mayonnaise and you are good to go.


Salted Cod Croquette | I loved the crispy fried coating on the outside, chewy potato-y goodness on the inside. These delightful poppers were sooo good.


The creamy, gooey and yummy inside!!! The poppers were savory and delicious with a soft slathering of the delicious aioli sauce.


The traditional Andalusian Gazpacho soup shots are in the middle. The waiter fills up your shot of soup once you finish drinking this cold tomato-y drink. I’m a big fan of tomatoes and spice so I enjoyed myself.


Jumbo Chargrilled Spanish prawns with parsley & sweet garlic puŕee were terrific! The middle is already de-shelled, so simply take off the tail and head to gobble away at these juicy Spanish prawns.


We ordered the Presa selection of Iberian Pork with ratatouille. The pork was sooo tender, succulent and juicy. At this point I was pretty full already- so I didn’t get to eat too many pieces (we still had a lot coming.)


Gin, gin, gin. For those who know me….you know I love me some good cocktails! <3 I just learned this but Isono has the most extensive gin collection in Hong Kong- so choose away and drink away!! I loved the different cocktails we ordered!! MUST TRY DRINKS IN HK!!


Chargrilled Baby Corn, these baby corn were simple, easy and delicious. The subtle sweetness of the soft baby corns made this such a good side dish (plus a good way to get your veggies in!!)


Mini sized tiramisu cup with sea salt mixed in. Oh wow, the combination of sweet and savory never hit my tastebuds sooooo hard. I loved the different sensations! It was absolutely mouth watering and I made sure I cleaned every single spoonful.


Domori Molten Chocolate Cake w/ Bailey’s Ice-cream……Okay…this was bomb (picture doesn’t do it any justice.) What’s not to like about a delicious chocolate cake with hot melted chocolate oozing out? LOVEEEEEEEEEE!! Isono Eatery and Bar sure doesn’t disappoint. Hope everyone’s having an awesome start in 2016!!


Isono Eatery and Bar6/F, Block B, PMQ | 35 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong | 2156 0688

Lots of <3, Jess