J House Tasting Menu w/ Herbal Purity’s Antrodia Cinnamomea

J House sits prettily in the hipster foodie haven of Tai Hang. This new tasting kitchen is run by self taught Chef Justin Chan (who then got even more legit training working with a 2 Michelin starred chef for over 7 years) who’s behind popular restaurants Naked and Le Pho in Central. The space is cozy, warm and intimate- 12 seats pack the house. The menu at J House is simple and straightforward. A 9 course tantalizing tasting menu which will set the diner back HK$1000 a person- which is more than worth it. Fresh ingredients that are locally sourced, rich seafood that is oh sooooooo good, with top notch service, quality and dishes which are sure to delight any and every foodie. I saw on IG about a new tasting menu involving Herbal Purity’s Antrodia Cinnamomea (AC) and I knew I had to try it. I take Antrodia religiously- 2 pills every single morning to help with detoxifying my liver and improving my immune system. I had to see for myself what this tasting menu would have.


Course 1: Mini Watermelon, Geoduck Clam, Culantro Lime Sauce, Wild Green and Red Algai Seaweed. Wow. Can we just take a moment to appreciate how pretty this dish is. I loved the texture and flavor of the geoduck clam. It was drenched in a slightly spicy and rich dressing which made us practically lick the entire plate clean.


GUESS WHAT THESE BABIES ARE!?!?!??! They’re Mini Watermelons!!!!! These cute little mini watermelons are a strain between a cucumber and watermelon and are absolutely addictive. We gobbled these up while waiting for our second course.


Course 2: Thai Oyster | Seasonal Chef Picked Oyster, Sea Grape, Lime, Sweet Thai Chili Paste and Fried Garlic. Nice Thai aromas mixed all atop the oyster…a nice touch with the sea grapes and fried garlic!


Course 3: Anchovy Crab Lasagna | Seasonal Crab, Roti, Roasted Beet Root Puree, Spanish Pickled Anchovy. The juicy crab meat was rich and velvety all atop a delicious piece of roti. A perfect combination of savory and sweet. (If you noticed the photography is different-it’s because it is! I was too hungry and demolished my portion in one bite. Thank goodness Jie was kind enough to let me use her shot!)


Course 4: Hairy Crab Tofu | Sawagani Crab, Hairy Crab, Crab Roe Tofu, Yuzu, Pickled Organic Vegetable. This was another hit with both of us. The tofu was soft and silky and went really well with the plump and juicy crab meat.


Course 5: Monk Fish Liver, Pickled Cucumber, Local Grown French Purple Radish, Miso Ponzu Vinaigrette. OMG! Definitely my favorite thus far. The monk fish liver (also known as foie gras of the sea) was the perfect balance between delicate and rich, sweet and savory, soft and creamy. I loveeeeeed everything about this dish. The only thing I really wanted more of- was MORE.


Course 6: The Umami Egg Yolk | Herbal Purity’s Antrodia Cinnamomia, White Truffle Caviar, Black Truffle Pate, Bamboo Charcoal Bacon Consume. And then just like that a new favorite came about! The egg yolk was infused with truffle, bamboo charcoal bacon consume and Antrodia Cinnamomia. Wow. Can I just say, this was possibly the best egg yolk I’ve ever had….Toooooo good.


Course 7: Uni Potato Roti | Antrodia Cinnamomia Infused Potato Roti, Sea Urchin, Cheddar Cheese Vinaigrette, Parmesan Cheese and Edible Flowers. The uni was creamy and briny all atop a delicious roti with hints of cheddar cheese vinaigrette and Antrodia Cinnamomia.


Course 8: Aussie Venison & Herbal Purity’s Antrodia Cinnamomia | Antrodia Cinnamomia Infused Special Coffee Nut Spice, Australian Venison Chop, Venison Pate, Thai Basil Mashed Potatoes and Seasonal Baby Farmed Baby Vegetable and Mushroom. The main event was the venison which came out in two giant chops. We were beyond stuffed by this point but loved how scrumptious, satisfying and hearty the main dish was.


Course 9: Green Tea Matcha Gelle | Okinawa Matcha Green Tea, Agar Agar and Seasonal Cress. I 0nly managed to have one piece! Absolutely stuffed but still had to try one.

I’ll definitely be back in the future to J House Academy to try out the other tasting menus but highly recommend this tasting kitchen! <3

J House Academy | G/F, 8 Ormsby Street, Tai Hang | 5402 1834 | Hours: Tue-Sun: 18:00-22:30 Mon: Closed


Lots of <3, Jess