Japanese at Unkai in The Sheraton

Unkai in The Sheraton is well known for their teppanyaki. The space is large, yet private with a few open teppanyaki bar stations as well as some seating areas that are sectioned off by partitions to make your dining experience feel personal and private- good for catching up or going for a business meeting. I went for lunch so didn’t exactly feel like a full on teppanyaki feast…well you can read for yourself! 😉


My favorite of the meal was definitely the sushi platter $360 which we shared. IMG_2943

I went with the grilled pork set lunch $290 as my main. A lot of food followed- every lunch set included a simple grilled eggplant in a sweet miso marinade and a drizzle of dried bonito flakes.


One of the other lunch sets we chose was the sashimi lunch set. A selection of fressssssssh fish (and sweet shrimp) over a bed of hot rice. I had a bite of the scallop and sweet shrimp and found them both fresh, sweet and refreshing.


Okay, back to what my ginger pork lunch set included! Some sashimi- salmon and mini sweet shrimp.


It also comes with a small house salad with a tangy wafu dressing.


Finally…my grilled pork lunch set. It comes with pickles, radish, a big bowl of rice and miso soup.


I was a bit disappointed by the grilled ginger pork though. The pork was just okay-  something was missing. I’ll stick to the other lunch sets next time.


But this sure satisfied my cravings. Uni. Blessed sea urchin sushi….! These 2 sushi bites were $240 though….what?!?! That’s craziness. The sea urchin was pretty good but had too much white rice.


This also satisfied my craving… The sushi platter. The sushi picks were all pretty fresh. Only downfall was again, too much rice. But other than that, all good!


Last but not least was a creamy cappuccino to end the meal with.

Unkai | 3 Floor, Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel And Towers, 20 Nathan Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui | 2369 1111

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Lots of <3, Jess