Jockey Club: Oi Suen


Restaurant: Jockey Club: Oi Suen

Contact: Shatin Clubhouse: Jockey Club, 3/ Floor, Tel: 2966 6420

Average Price per Person: $200-$250


Location: Shatin, Hong Kong

Must Try List…YUM!:  Handmade Dim sum…They’re all ridiculously good! But I really liked the Char Siu Cheung Fun/豬腸粉, Spring Rolls, and Dan Dan Mian!

Service: 4 out of 5

Jess’ Overall: 4.5 out of 5

Jess’ Tip: MUST Reserve tables ahead of time! Only MEMBERS or Spouse cardholders can make reservations to eat here though! 


An old post!! I have a lot yet to be published 😉 HAPPY FRIDAY everyone!!!

Jockey Club (post). Perhaps the most elusive member’s only club (post). We visited the Shatin Jockey Club for afternoon dim sum a few months ago! This is an old post! But boy, do I remember this day! It was an awesome family day of touring Anchors International School and eating GREAT food. The Chinese food is legitimately good. In a large dining hall, directly in view of the horse racing track…we went to the family friendly Oi Suen Restaurant right adjacent to the Ramen/Noodles dining room! Lets begin!


I’m going to keep this post simple…the food is GOOD. I don’t really need to explain much 😉


Char Siu Cheung Fun/豬腸粉/Rice Noodle Roll. You can’t go wrong with this classic! 🙂


Deep Fried, Crispy Vegetables and Pork Spring Rolls. Crunchy and light. Loved the amazingly thin crispy rice wrapping.


Mochi Balls w/ Creamy Coconut Custard Filling. Delightful little mushy and chewy mochi desserts


Mini Baked Egg Tarlets. These mini jewels were light, fluffy and perfectly creamy on the inside. The outside puff pastry was perfection.


Deep Fried Taro Cakes. OMG. Its crispy on the outside but creamy, rich and taro filled sweetness on the inside!


Shrimp Siu Mai Dumpling. Thin rice skin wraps around the plump sweet shrimp.


Vegetables Dumpling. Look at the pretty clear rice wrapping. The veggies were light, airy, full of mushroom, chives, spinach and radish!


Chicken Feet. Another classic. The sweet, fermented bean sauce is amazing! Love the chicken feet skin!


Shrimp & Pork Siu Mai. A classic steamed open faced Chinese dumpling variation.


Dan Dan Mian….LOVEEEE these noodles. These Taiwanese noodles are spicy, yet, oh so delicious! The soup base is thick, rich, hot, full of sesame oil, spicy sauce and mincef pork! The noodles are la mian….long, thin strands of goodness!

We continued the rest of the day with full happy bellies!! LOVE family days!


We continued on our Anchors International School Tour!! 🙂 AWESOME school facility!!


Awesome day around town!! AHOY!!! 😉


Always, Jess