Joy & Joy

Good Morning! 🙂 Will be having a very long and busy today! Just the way I like it 🙂

Happy Friday!!

Dim Sum 飲茶 lunches are one of my favorite family gatherings. My mom and dad actually dropped by for a few days earlier last week! (Trying out a new layout! )

喜双逢 Joy & Joy

Shop 211, 2/F, Melbourne Plaza
33 Queen’s Road Central
  2810 5366

Crispy skin Pork 🙂 I’m sure that’s not the actual name.
Rice Noodle Rolls w/ Sesame & Peanut Sauce…(腸粉)
BBQ Pork…MMMM(叉燒)
Poached Vegetables
Shrimp Dumplings/ Har Gao… (蝦餃)
Phoenix Claws/Chicken Feet <3 ...(鳳爪)
Crispy Fried Noodles w/ Mushroom Gravy 😉 …not sure about the actual name!
Pomelo Skin, let me tell you..its tasty, texture is sticky and smooth!
HK Style cooked vegetables! 😀
Spare Ribs (排骨)
Sweet Pinapple Cream Buns (奶皇包) OMG. The milk custard was oozing hot, sweet, flaky…delicious!
Parents, auntie, uncle, cousin, sis and I were pleasantly stuffed by the end of this meal! I have the best family 🙂 <3 Always, Jess