Jungle Adventure Fun at Soneva Kiri

KK and I had a small getaway and whisked off to Soneva Kiri!

We did a few days getaway at the amazing Soneva Kiri in Ko Kut. I’ve always heard about the Soneva brand but never went before. We went to Thailand and was amazed by the fun jungle adventure experience. 

Our adventure starts at the Bangkok airport where the Soneva Kiri team will help arrange a fast 1 hour flight on the Soneva private jet to the private Soneva Kiri runway. After a short few minute boat ride – we arrive at the amazing resort! 

Some of the awesome highlights from our trip: 

MUST TRY: the amazing treetop breakfast experience! You are suspended up into a tree top overlooking the beautiful ocean and boundless trees while eating a delicious breakfast. Your server zip lines over your breakfast items of delicious eggs, toast, yogurt, bacon, coffee and numerous other items! 🙂 It is such a cool, cool experience. REALLY MUST TRY dining pod experience. 

The resort also has a wonderful serene spa. The Six Senses Spa is great! We did a relaxing 1 hour couples massage and enjoyed every bit of it. 

The resort also boasts several yummy restaurants serving Thai food, Western food and my favorite was BENZ. Chef Benz caters a special menu each time. Going to the restaurant itself is the experience as Soneva provides a boat to take you to the restaurant during sunset. The food itself – AWESOME! The restaurant and the resort also kindly provides bug spray for the guests! Which I really appreciate as I forgot mine back at home.

The resort also provides a wonderful snorkeling/ scuba diving experience for those interested! We went snorkeling and I swear, the water was crystal clear with numerous marine life! Our guide was kind enough to bring her underwater camera and take some videos and pictures for us. 🙂 

Of course just relaxing and enjoying the villa!

The resort is a wonderful, cool Jungle adventure experience – sort of like Robinson Crusoe or The Jungle Book fun! I love how everyone at the resort is so eco conscious (there’s lots of people who go shoeless) and super nice and friendly. It’s a great escape for a couple or family as their villas are spacious!