Kimchee!! Korean food in Quarry Bay with the ladies of the Jann Clan! It was a cooooooold winter’s day (well, as cold as one gets during Hong Kong winter) and we all felt like some hot soupy food. We searched and searched and just walked into a plaza. Lo and behold we fell into Kimchee. A simple, easy and fast Korean joint for a quick yummy lunch.


Sissy, mami and me!! <3 Miss you ladies already! Reminds me of our Jann Clan trip to KOREA!!!


Some small quick Banchan 반찬; 飯饌 to start our meal with. Light veggie based banchan’s all around. (It’s included in the lunch set!)


I went with the extra spicy beef and seafood Sundubu jjigae! Sooo delicious- it really, really burned! Next time I may have to tell them to take it easy!! The hearty sundubu was perfect with a hot piping bowl of rice. The pieces of beef were plentiful, fatty and tasty. I loveeeed this and devoured it instantly.


Mami went with a mild ox tail, radish soup and clear “bean thread” AKA “cellophane” noodles! I tried a bit and it was nice, light and simple.


Sis went with a delicious beef and seafood sundubu jigae! It was delicious. I actually really liked my sister’s pick. It had a nice black bean paste kick at the bottom that really went down well with each spoonful! Liked this, a lot.


Sis and I were still hungry so we added a plate of sizzling Korean BBQ with Beef and Pork. The Korean bbq was just okay- but it was just the meaty finish we wanted with our meal. I think I’ll still stick to my favourite Korean spot in Wan Chai though for Korean BBQ next time!


Mmmmm, can’t get enough of Korean food!! Definitely one of my top cuisines-especially in the winter time!! 🙂 #Happy.

Kimchee | Shop T1, 3/F, Kornhill Plaza, 1 Kornhill Road, Quarry Bay |2628 0266
Lots of <3, Jess