Korean BBQ at HOME!

Yup, you read that right. Korean BBQ right in your very own home! I recently got a new toy from Zaigle! It’s completely up my alley. A red infrared grill from Zaigle to grill away to your hearts content. After having it in my home for a while – I finally unpacked it at my friends house for a bbq feast! (The grill is quite big- so you’ll need a little more space for it.)

We went crazy at City Super and bought a bunch of meats to chow down on. The grill uses infrared lights to cook the meat so it evenly cooks the beef while taking out a lot of the grease and oil.

Grilling away. Zaigle’s way of healthily grilling the food- as a majority of the fat and oils will drip away into a bottom container that collects all the fat and oils. The one thing I really liked about it is the minimal smoke it has. The downside is the clean up process.

TADA! The final product- Kalbi wraps…with a pinch of kimchi, a dollop of rice, a splash of chili soybean sauce and the yummy kalbi beef!

Mmmmmmm <3

The veggies came out great- and since we put them on the grill last- it had a lot of the beef marinade enveloped into it!

I’m sure I’ll be using this grill for a while! Korean BBQ party, anyone?

Lots of <3, Jess