Kwan Kee, the best clay pot rice?

Kwan Kee, the best clay pot rice? You betcha. Kwan Kee 坤記煲仔小菜 is famous for its authentic local Cantonese food in Hong Kong and their ridiculously good clay pot rice. With over 22 years of experience and 30+ choices, Kwan Kee is the king of claypot rice. Business is so good that the owner once easily turned our party away saying we would have to wait 3 hours or come back another time. What did we do? We obviously listened, ordered to go and came back another time, duh. 🙂 Food is that good. 


Here’s a preview of the famous clay pot rice sets (煲仔飯)!


One of the times I went and got turned away.


So we ordered to go! Look at that nice soy sauce on that burnt, crispy rice!


Deep fried fish in eggs and sweet creamed corn sauce (粟米班塊). This is a common local fish dish where the fish is coated in a crispy deep fried batter which is then softened as it soaks up the sweet creamed corn sauce!!! We gobbled these up instantly!


Tung Choi stir fry! We need some veggies to accompany all the rest of the amazing #foodporn dishes!


Salt and pepper deep fried fish with fried garlic chips and chilli flakes (椒鹽九肚魚) These mini deep fried fish had a nice thin crispy layer that was nicely seasoned with salt and pepper. It was juicy, tasty & had a light kick to it!


Where all the action happens- all atop charcoal grills!


Various Preserved Chinese Sausage (Lap Cheong) claypot rice- MY FAVE!!!! It comes out sizzling hot so drizzle the sweet soy sauce over the rice and hear it burn (Hear that? That’s your stomach purring in anticipation of the claypot rice in your stomach!)


The duck, spare ribs clay pot rice. another goodie! Look at those heavenly pieces of meat atop the fragrant rice!


Let me just show you a close up of the MAGIC that happens. Boom!!!! <3 SO freaking amazing. Clay pot rice is perfect for the cold winter months! I love Hong Kong during this time. Weather is cool (COLD) and nothing is better than warming up your stomach with some good Cantonese food like a hot bowl(s) of clay pot rice!


Lastly we ordered a second preserved sausage claypot rice and this beef and egg claypot rice drizzled with another batch of the sweet soy sauce. OMG. 🙂 Definitely come and try this place. Make sure you come early (or really late) and in a big group- you can try and share everything. Win, WIN!

Kwan Kee | 坤記煲仔小菜 | Shop 1, Wo Yick Mansion, 263 Queen’s Road West, Western District | 2803 7209


Lots of <3 Jess