La Creperie

Post Birthday festivities!! (Okay, the birthday posts are going to take a while…there’s too much love and things I want to write!!! But LOW expectations people!! ;))

It’s been getting COLD these days! Hope you all are layering up! LOVING it though!

So after my birthday weekend was coming to a close jie took me to La Creperie for brunch! There’s a Wan Chai branch that’s been getting a lot of buzz and heat ever since its opening in May 2010. And now Sheung Wan has its very own nautical, sailor inspired theme full of broad white and blue stripes- La Creperie!  As you step inside there is a cozy, charming atmosphere typical of a small quaint family restaurant. La Creperie offers savory (and sweet) crepes, called galettes, which are made with buckwheat flour! Slightly healthier?? 😉

SCARVES, BOOTS, the whole shebang! Keeping warm!!!! :DD

La Creperie! It was PACKED on this Sunday afternoon at 1PM. There was only 1 table of 2 left. Jie and I shimmied into our seats! Lucky us!! If you want to have a private conversation…I wouldn’t recommend coming in here. The space between seats are minimal. Just barely enough room for a person to squeeze into.

Jie’s Hot Chocolate….

My Cafe au lait! It was warm, not hot, creamy and milky!

La Complet- a typical ham, egg and cheese crepe w/ tomatoes– The presentation looked amazing. A thin, crispy buckwheat crepe wrapped around the egg, ham, cheesy breakfast staples! However, the taste was lacking. The ham was only slightly warm…and the cheese barely melted into it. I’m going to have to say… it was just mediocre…

Jie’s La Bosco: Seafood, white wine and cream- jie said this wasn’t satisfying or have that ‘hit the spot’ feeling! 🙁

So we ordered an Appetizer- Beef and spinach roll this was much better than both our mains- the filling was a juicy beef and spinach mash that tasted slightly Middle Eastern! Along with a strong  mustard sauce. And, much more filling and exactly what I was hoping it would taste like.

Beef and spinach roll (Close up view)- The minced beef and spinach mash was pretty bomb!

Overall, the concept of La Creperie is cute and fun. The place is slammed with frantic diners. So, they must be doing something right. The savory crepes were just so-so (but I did have high expectations), and not the best in terms of price…for the 2 us, the bill was close to $400. I think I’ll be back to taste test the sweet crepes. But for the meantime…I’ll just stick with some Red Mango Fro Yo(my post) to fill my sweetness quota! 🙂

Agreed. Have a great weekend!

La Creperie 2679 4666

GF, 69 Jervois Street

Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

<3 Always, Jess