La Marmite

Another dinner with my Jie! We walked around and decided on having a french night! The place looked promising. Very cute and in the heart of SOHO…but sadly, was disappointed.

Warm Bread….(It was the BEST part of the entire meal… :/ that’s not saying much)
Sides …ehhhh
We both also had the Bouillabaisse soup, served w/ croutons and avail HK$138
Coq de Bresse au vin Bordeaux HK$238 (Chicken was dry, tough, and salty!)
Coq de Bresse au vin Bordeaux HK$238 (egg pasta) Plain/dry
Jie w/ her delicious tenderloins!! 🙂 This was pretty good!
Grilled Beef Tenderloin, Sarawak Black Pepper Butter, w/ Crispy Onions and Sauteed new Potatoes HK$268

Another meal which I wish I ordered what my jie got! But overall. Not really a fan. So I don’t think I’ll be returning.

La Marmite 2803 7808

46 Staunton Street
Soho, Hong Kong

<3 Always, Jess