La Paloma

La Paloma is the second establishment by chef Willy Trullas Moreno. The first, being none other than FoFo by el Willy. The upstairs restaurant is spacious and colorful. Its a lot more casual than Fofo. The vibe, decor and feel is fun, fun and more fun. The portion size is also fun. Go crazy on the tapas! They are very affordable and reasonably priced and easy for everyone to share. 🙂

Best of the Meal goes to…..


Rotos | Broken Eggs | Baby squid and Iberian ham shoulder $85. The broken eggs rotos were exceptional. Everything about this was perfect. And, at $85 for this plate. Sign me up for ONE, maybe two more. Loved the salty iberico ham and the soft yolky eggs. LOVE this dish.


We had two pitchers of red wine sangria for our party of 5!


Gazpacho | Traditional Spanish cold tomato soup w/ toppings $45. Simple, cool and refreshing start of the night. Its a quite thick gazpacho!


Salmon A Humado | Explosive smoked salmon w/ chipotle cream and marinated salmon roe $22/pc. The caption is right on point…an “explosive smoked salmon” which was a huge explosion of flavours and textures in one bite.


Duck Mollette | Spiced duck and mushrooms melt $75. This was my least favourite thus far only because there wasn’t as much duck in the filling. But it was still flavourful, juicy and moist.


Albondigas | Mama style home made meatballs w/ natural tomato sauce $68. These meatballs were plump, moist and had a kick. I like that they have some really fresh ingredients too.


Bikini Mallorquin | Toasted sandwich w/ spicy sobrasada and Mahon cheese $60. These were also terrific. The perfect amount of grease and crisp for the bread and it was just cheesy, oozy perfection. Nice!


Mixed Vegetables... quite ordinary. But we needed our veggies! 🙂


Clams. Ooooh! These were on their specials and I see why. It was refreshing, plump and succulent.


Tomato, pickled chili, olives and crispy pork belly $58. These were pretty good, but nothing spectacular…compared to everything else we had. I loved the jumbo tomatoes and they incorporate a lot of fresh tomatoes and veggies into their tapa dishes. Nice job!


Patatas Bravas | Traditional potatoes w/ spicy sauce $45…Oooooh, it would’ve only been upgraded if you imagine cheese instead of this spicy sauce. Hehe.


Chicken Croquette $55. These were pretty good, but there were just too many other good dishes. This slipped from my memory. And I was pretty darn full at this point.


Calamares. Again, I had about the same feelings as the above. Others are much better tasting!


Arroz Negro | Squid ink and prawn dry paella $328. Delicious. I took a really bad picture. But its because we were all fighting to snap the pictures so we could eat it even faster. It says its a dry paella, but I thought it was really nice and moist. The rice also had some nice crispy and crunchy bits. YUM!


La Paloma | Roasted pigeon w/ foie gras, wild mushrooms and Pedro Ximenez $398. This is the signature and dont get me wrong. It was delicious. But I liked everything else so much more!


Great girls gathering. With Little J too 🙂 I definitely will be coming back and ordering up all the tapa dishes. YUM.

La Paloma | 1 Floor, 189 Queen’s Road West, Sai Ying Pun Hong Kong. t: 852 2291 6161 (Closed on Mondays)


<3 Always Jess