Lab Made Ice Cream

A group of us started the night at Island the Alpha Reunion. 🙂 It was an amazing night filled of incredible testimonies and great fellowship. You can learn more about Alpha here. Or check out the facebook page.


Intently listening…it was a really amazing night.

A small group of us had rumbling tummies (some may say cravings) and we headed over to the very cute, quaint, food haven that is… Tai Hang for some nourishment. We all had one thing in mind. Ice Cream. Lab Made Ice Cream.


On a Saturday evening at 10:30Pm-it was PACKED. The hungry revelers waited patiently (turnover rate’s fast. So, don’t worry…we waited five minutes to decide, order and receive our delicious labmade concoctions!)

They switch up their menu every two weeks. This special set is featured till Jan 20th! So you still have time…excuse the blur. I snapped and went…just wanted to eat 😉


Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream….?! That’s right. Their official slogan is “Ice Cream Reinvented”. If you haven’t been to it yet. It’s worth the time to check it out. What a show! OK. It lasts a few seconds…but people I still “oooooh” and “ahhhhhh”.


Custard Bun Ice Cream– I ordered this one….and truth be told. I didn’t like it as much as the others. You really can’t go wrong with ice cream. But it didn’t taste too much like anything too original. I still managed to finish it all…only wanting more.


HK Crispy Toast– Last time I had Lab Made, I had this. And, I LOVED it. This time. JUST AS MUCH. Thanks for giving me more than half! 😉 It’s simple- ice-cream that has toast, peanut butter and condensed milk…..mix it all up. And, you get that. It has bits of crispy, crunchy toasts (crouton texture) that just fits sooooo perfectly inside this smooth and creamy ice cream. Finish it off with a drizzle of Peanut Butter Sauce….  AWESOMENESS.


Still hungry…M was kind enough to order another one. The Super Lemon Meringue Pie which was tarty, lemon-y and smooth! With bits of melt in your mouth meringue bits. 🙂 Great choice.

Jie and T shared the Purple Rice, which was a purple ice cream with bits of glutinous rice (the picture didn’t come out looking very good) But trust me. Bits of glutinous rice inside!!!…. I’m a fan of this place already.



Twas a great day! Finished off with a hot vitasoy soy milk! <3 Perfect Saturday!

🙂 Good morning!!!! <3 HAHA I’m actually a morning person…and well popped up this morning to blog! <3 Now…some toast sounds perfect!

Hope everyone’s having an amazing and blessed start to the week! Lots of love. <3

Lab Made Ice Cream

G/F, 6 Brown Street

Tai Hang, Hong Kong

Tel- 2670 0071

<3 Always, Jess