Lady M

Lady M has been making everyone go gaga in Hong Kong. Ever since this New York cake, pastry and confectionary shop opened up- things have not been the same. Lady M opened its first shop in Hong Kong at Harbour City to adoring fans lining up for hours waiting for a chance to scoop up a slice of their signature Mille Crêpe cake and signature green tea Mille Crepe cake. Now, people on Hong Kong side has a easier chance to devour this delicacy right in the heart of IFC.


I got the chance to get my hands on the original mille crepe cake and green tea mille crepe cake when it first opened and was immediately taken aback by just how creamy, decadent and delicious it was. It’s definitely a sinful treat. The presentation of the first two cakes were a little off, so I didn’t get a chance to blog about it- but this time, THIS time the cakes did not disappoint- in presentation nor taste.


They’re so good! I even snuck some with me for brunch this past weekend at Teakha! It was hard not to savour every single bite. It paired perfectly with my masala chai tea! <3


I got a chance to try their cheese cake– which just practically melts into and disappears into your mouth! <3 Oh heavenly cheesecake. I loved the crunchy, crispy graham cracker crust!


Green Tea Mille Crepe Cake 9″ HKD$750. This looks BOMBTASTIC! That fluffy, delicate and light crepe is topped off with fine Japanese Matcha green tea powder that is drizzled everywhere on the cake. Each cake is hand crafted and made with so much care- it sorta hurts to ruin it! Each cake has no less than twenty perfectly thin, soft, and featherlight crêpes with delicate velvety cream layered in between!


I’ll be back for some more of you Lady M! <3 Remember to #createyourladym

Make sure you preorder because these full sized cakes get booked out fast. You can’t reserve cakes when you are buying the slices (limit 6 slices each customer) so line up early or between peak hours!

Lady M HK | Shop 2096A, 2nd floor, IFC International Finance Centre Mall, Central |Tel: 2865 1099


Agreed. I do not want to get kidnapped. EAT MORE CAKE. Got it.

<3 Hehe Hehe Hehe. This girl knows how to live.

Lots of <3 Jess