L’Entrecôte De Paris Restaurant

L’Entrecôte De Paris Restaurant on Wyndham Street is not the same branch as the 55-year-old Parisian steakhouse Le Relais de l’Entrecôte which also just so happened opened up in Wan Chai- but the Parisian steakhouse serves up quite the mean steak frites! When La Vache (post) first opened up- I was so excited by the set price for salad, steak and fries and now I went for a tasting dinner with my sister to L’Entrecôte De Paris and was surprised by the spacious place (seats 88 people), quality food and romantic vibe! Here’s to more steak frites places! Imitation really is the grandest form of flattery! 😉


Benjamin Pitet and Matthieu Lemoine are the business brains and friends behind this restaurant- and they specialize in this absolutely amazing secret sauce (along with their signature steaks.) No hints were given whats in that sauce, but its a must try. For 268$HKD you get a green salad with walnuts, their famous steak and their even more famous green sauce!


What a deal! Look at that dessert selection. I am SOLD.


We ordered the delicatessen platter, featuring a selection of cold cuts, pickles and mustard, and more. At first we assumed it was this salami platter (above) and we were slightly disappointed. But to our surprise- this is the FREE accompanying salami plate that EVERY table gets if they order drinks!


🙂 Woo Hoo, love the intimate vibe- yes, thats a bloody mary for me! My preferred drink of choice. 😉


This is the actual delicatessen platter. All these are very popular from France. They all include pork, and some includes a bit of chicken. The goose and pork terrine was my absolute favourite. Terrine can sometimes be too salty- but this was just right. It was mild yet strong. Loved it. The rest is Bretagne andouille de Geumene, Jambon de Savoie, Rosette de Lyon, Rilette du Mans, Terrine de Volaille


Green salad with walnuts. The dressing is very fresh and light. Its very similar to a olive oil dressing with lemon.


BAM! A closeup of my medium rare beauty. There’s a lot more- but they serve you bit by bit to keep the rest of the steak nice and hot. The steak was on the pink and rare side. But thats exactly what I love. I literally drank that sauce up. I drenched a lot of it onto the perfectly cooked steak. The green sauce was so buttery, smooth and lovely. YUM


In all its glory. The fries were PERFECTION. Perfectly crispy, crunchy and fried. I loved dipping the fries in ketchup or even their secret green sauce. Perfect meal. Steak & fries.


My sis went for the salmon. (Its nice to know people can go for fish if they feel like it though!) It was nice and moist- but I preferred the steak and fries!


Another bloody mary for me! Perfectly spicy and refreshing!

And finally DESSERT!!! Chocolate cakes and tarts galore.

IMG_6523 IMG_6526

The Tatin Sister Pie, a tart made with cinnamon-y apples goodness. So darn good! I’ll be back.

L’Entrecôte de Paris  3/F, 46-48 Wyndham Street Central, Hong Kong. t: 852 3182 0105

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<3 Always, Jess