Lets Drink!

Good Morning!!!! Every morning I wake up (zombie like trance in tow) grab my big, bold, cute, pink Minnie Mouse mug and add some boiling water with 2 slices of lemon wedges…like clockwork. It’s a habit. 🙂 Creature of habit, what can I say!? 😉


However, this particular morning, I had a craving which only one thing could satisfy me…a Steamed Almond Soy Milk from Starbucks. Remember that whole ‘Creature of Habit’ thing…yeah, that’s me. I’m loyal to what I like. If I like it. I really like it. (Wait a minute…’ Sunshine’ is printed backwards…..)


Better. 🙂 Jie was sweet enough to surprise me with one before a work event the other day! And the barista even wrote ‘Sunshine‘ on it…Thanks jie. 🙂


Other days include a nice cup of Agnes B (post) ‘ Hazelnut Latte‘s does the trick quite nicely too.


Or…an iced Vanilla Latte from gelato haven, Holly Brown (post).


Some days…a green juice is all I really want. Just like ‘Be Juiced (post) really hits the spot. Refreshing, cleansing and nutritious!!


I hope none of you guys begin your mornings with alcoholic beverages…But if you really want to…well I highly recommend any drink from new ‘it spot’ Common Room... (which I’ll be posting about in a quick bit). I went the other night and tried several of the drinks AND (they serve) food…and I must say… I know where I’ll be going for my drinks… 🙂 Check them out!! They’re quite new… so get there before the crowd gets even bigger. 😉

IMG_3354 IMG_3334 IMG_3110

Have a beautiful, blessed and awesome day! 

<3 Always, Jess