Linguini Fini

Love this place. I’ve eaten here a few times already, and every time I loveeeee it even more :))) Awesome service. And BEST time at girls night! It was long overdue…but seriously love you guys so much! 🙂
Cousins and sis! 😀 FUN GIRLS NIGHT!!!!!
White wine for moi! 2010 Dr/Loosen “Dr. L” Riesling, from Mosel, Germany. Sweet and refreshing!
Yu Jie went w/ the Red wine,  2009 G. Bertrand Reserve Speciale Pinot Noir  
Sesame Crusted White Bread
Homemade Spicy Pork Sausage-Natural pork, onions & peppers, roasted garlic mostarda
DELICIOUS!! SO CHEESY White Gold Bars-Herb breader Pubblico mozzarella, marinara…GOSH, I want more!
Clams- Roasted Garlic & Saffron Brodo, charred bread! Nicely tangy!
Classico Pizza….the cheese was dripping and the slice was light and airy! 😀 I want MORE!
Dripping cheese…we weren’t kidding! It’s HOT & FRESH!
Fettuccine Funghi-Mushrooms, radicchio, Castelmagno.…Mushrooms and pasta mixed so well!! DELICIOUS!!!
Rotisserie Porchetta-Pork Belly, fennel sausage, chili mostarda ..Bit Dry, lacked flavor

We needed some veggie obviously…

Side-Pickled Carrots
Grilled Tomatoes and Pesto Sauce
Crispy “Quick Smoked” Salmon-Pepperonata, Baked really well, juicy and flavorful!
Pubblico Mozzarella, 30 year balsamico...MMMMMMMMMMM

Last but NEVER least….DESSERT

Lemon Olive Oil Cake-Poppy Seed Gelato…..mmmm no words.


Hot Chocolate Affogato-Graham Cracker Biscotti, marshmallow gelato (OMG! PERFECT BLEND of HOT & Cold!) Rich and chocolate-y. LOVE
Homemade Chocolate and Mango sorbet…. 🙂

Not quite done..a few more round of drinks!

Salty Dog-Vodka, fresh grapefruit, sea salt rim! (Yu Jie and I ended up switching!)
My Good Thyme Lemonade-Gin, thyme sugar, fresh lemon! Lovely and refreshing..really a good thyme! 😉
Lastly, Tiramisu-Mascarpone crema, coffee cake crumble, frozen chocolate tiramisu gelatoSOOOOOO GOOD! MY FAVORITE
The entire night was terrific! I have to admit! I love the dive-bar atmosphere! Loud music playing! Very comfortable, relaxing and one of the best service I’ve encountered 😉 Waiters and staff were attentive, friendly and nice! With really good comfort food!! 😀 Satisfying, delicious meal!!! And, the best part…it was with my family! 😀 To more girls night!!!!
Definitely going to be going back!! Highly recommended! 🙂
Linguini Fini 2857 1333

G/F / 1/F, The L Place,