Little Bao Bei

I know! I’ve been inactive for a very long time! SORRY! BUT…I am back and ready! And with a Bao-licious post to boot! I’m not sure why it took me so long to finally eat at the very hip, very much hyped, very yummy Little Bao in Central.…(wait a minute, now I remember…the lines were uber long….and my grumbling stomach couldn’t handle the wait!) But finally this past Monday I finally got the chance to try it. After a work event supporting IDEAL & Clifton Leung’s new book launch!.


Thank God for such smooth sailing!!! <3 Had such a blast Mc-ing in Cantonese! Love C Jie!!!!!! After the event…I scarfed down a slice of smooth dark chocolate cake….but I was somehow starving….for some of this infamous Little Bao.

Little Bao has been making a very awesome name for itself. I’ve heard both good and bad things about this eatery. But the long wait has dissuaded me to go try it…until NOW. We had a plan to get there early: so at 6:20pm I staggered hungrily to Little Bao…hoping to get one of the seats!!! But lo and behold- they were completely full and already having a wait list!!!! They reassured me it would be about 30-45 minutes and I hustled to Yardbird (post) first to grab a drink, stay away from the heat and wait for a seat!


LITTLE BAO-ing it!! (Well…before this happens…) OH! Btw…we had 3 of their Little Baos….this one is the Fish Tempura one…which I accidentally deleted on my phone! :/


Yardbird(post)’s  signature Whiskey Lemonade…sure cooled me down!! Yum…so refreshing, sweet and lovely! And, after I gulped down this great drink…..we got our call!!


About 45 minutes…we were seated against the bar. The space is small….And we started with Yuzu Leaf: Bourbon, yuzu, maple and lemon ($82)..the drink was nice and refreshing! A great precursor to the rest of the night!…Deliciousness up ahead. I oohed and ahhed at the menu…before finally anxiously awaiting  for our Bao-licious dishes. And don’t be alarmed…because they do have things other than baos! Just wait and see/read!


Clams, Bacon, Potato: White Pepper Miso Broth, Cilantro, Toasted Miso-Butter Baos ($128)…I don’t know if its because I was really hungry or what? But these baby clams were delicious! The soup broth was soooo flavourful. I didn’t want to be rude…But I definitely could have slurped EVERYTHING UP…in the end, I decided against doing that….but did use their toasted miso-butter baos to quench the soup base as well as the empty clam shells!


Orange Chicken: Fried Running Chicken, Salty Egg Yolk, Honey Glaze, Orange Zest ($98)….OMG…I LOVED THIS!….the fried outer coating was a delicious salty egg yolk and honey sauce batter and then drizzled with orange zest! It was amazing. I loved the crispy yet juicy sweet and salty coating. Everything about this dish was perfection!! Hot, moist, saucy, flavoursome and deep fried! YUM


“Mac & Cheese” Steamed Rice Rolls, Menataiko Cheese Sauce ($108)….Wow…I just realized I found a new sauce that I really like. Had noooo idea I liked this cheesy menataiko sauce- its slightly sweet yet sharp and blended in perfectly blanketing the smooth steamed rice rolls. WE gobbled this up…at this point, my stomach was filling up….but I knew we had the signatures for last….THE BAOS!!!!!

We had 3 salty Baos, 2 sweet baos! But I mistakenly deleted the fish tempura bao picture fresh market fish, tamarind palm sugar glaze, pickled lemongrass fennel salad ($78). Alright lets get to the baos!…. DROOL WORTHY Baos! Remember Little Bao has a strict ‘No Bao Cutting’ Rule…so go with someone(s) you don’t mind sharing with OR…just eat the whole thing……;) Whatever you fancy.


Fried Chicken Bao: Tartar sauce, with a juicy crispy fried chicken filet ($78)…Okay…so this fried chicken is off menu…and I know why it was…It was amazing. Super juicy, crispy and the meat stayed succulent and intact the entire way!


Pork Belly Bao: Slow braised pork belly, leak and shiso red onion salad, sesame dressing, hoisin, ketchup ($78)…the pork belly had the best mix of fatty pork and lean pork, drenched in a gorgeous sweet sesame dressing and a salty hoisin sauce, topped with leeks, and a bit of that shisho red onion salad mix. I loveeeeeed this. I had the majority of this one. Thank you…for letting me be greedy! Cause I realllllllly like pork belly! And this little bao was sublime. 


Little Bao Ice Cream Sandwich: Deep Fried Bao, Salted Caramel…. ($48) A lot of people told me they loveeeed this one! But for me, I preferred their original sweet bao. Perhaps I was also ridiculously full at this point….but don’t get wrong. Its worth a try!


Little Bao Ice Cream Sandwich: Deep Fried Bao, Green Tea Ice Cream, Condensed Milk ($48)….NOM NOM NOM!! Sometimes, you just need a sweet ending. I was beyond full at this point…but the glistening deep fried sugared bao and sweet cold green tea ice cream….was beyond resisting. I devoured it all. Wishing I didn’t waste all that dripping condensed milk…PS: Use the paper wrap they give you with it…I didn’t (hehe) and my hands were a mess!


Finished the night off….at Sevva…a delicious Bloody Mary for me! Perfect spicy kick. Some small snacks, great company! And some fun games of truths or dares! Off to dream about those little baos, once more. Until next time!

Little Bao, 66 Staunton Street, Central, Hong Kong, 852 2194 0202. No reservations, walk-ins only. Opened at 6pm…Nights



<3 Always, Jess