Little Creatures in Kennedy Town

Little Creatures is a fun, amazingly spacious craft beer brewery-restaraunt that makes me almost forget I’m in Hong Kong. I have no idea how a restaurant can be this big in HK. I’ve been once before when it first opened- but didn’t take too many pictures that time.

Sis and I went one Friday evening for a tasting to try out all the food and it was PACKED. Throes of people waited for a seat or were standing around by the bar area grabbing a pre-dinner drink.

We sat down near the front and sis went for the beer tasting paddle. 6 glasses of various beers to try out! I went with a glass of wine!

We started the tasting with their Grilled halloumi (V) dish with heirloom tomatoes, sumac, olives, HK$100. The first time I came here was when it first opened and the dish was a giant slab of halloumi cheese but this time it came out as salad dish with cuts of halloumi on top of the salad.

We ordered mac & cheese (v) with truffle and an herb crust, HK$75. The mac and cheese was hugeeee, hot and tasty! You really can’t go wrong with mac and cheese.

Sis wanted to try the crispy mash with bacon, smoked cheddar, sour cream, HK$75. At first sis and I thought we ordered spring rolls, but it was actually the crispy mash dish. It was still pretty interesting but I liked the other dishes more.

We split the grass fed rib eye with pea shoots and harissa sauce, HK$295. This rib eye was extremely good and the portion was quite big. The rib eye was tender, flavorful and juicy. Really liked this main dish.

We also shared  the uni carbonara-linguine pasta, egg yolk, pancetta, HK$160. The dish was huge but I wished there were either more uni or a bit less pasta! I really want to try their pizzas though! I  had it the first time I came- but we were feeling more like trying the pasta dishes this time.

This was the BEST! Crispy chicken with chilli and pineapple sauce, HK$125. We devoured these bites. The outside skin was crunchy, crispy and super tasty while the inside chicken meat was tender, juicy and moist.

I’ll definitely come back here for the fun vibe, drinks and small bites! It’s a great spot for HH or parties.

Little Creatures5A New Praya Kennedy Town, Sai Wan, Kennedy Town| t: 2833 5611

Lots of <3, Jess