Go Loco for this eatery. Fresh local bites. And, I mean an emphasis on the “fresh” part. Locofama is dishing out delectable dishes. 80% of what you eat is all from organic healthy ingredients. We could all use some of this! And it didn’t hurt that every dish was delicious to boot. I’ve been to Locofama twice, already. One week after the other. Thats how much I enjoyed myself. The space is not grand or too big. But it has a nice, chill, and casual vibe to the place. It opened up in July in the charming space across from an equally charming dining experience- GrassRoots Pantry (post) in the heart of Sai Ying Pun. I had a really nice time! Good service, nice atmosphere and terrific food. I thought I was coming into a tasteless healthy food joint- what I got- was anything but tasteless. And, I reiterate- Going loco for this eatery! Sure, great for me on my quest to eat clean, train mean and be lean (post)!


Feast your eyes on 48 hour slow roasted Short Ribs.…and let me tell you people…it was good!


Crab Vol-au-Vent, Black Truffle Cream, Atlantic Crab, Puff Pastry $108 we started with these delightful little puffs…and Oh my!!! Only problem was that there weren’t enough of these. They were so good. Crispy and fluffy (like a crunchy croissant) on the outside, but flavourful and oh-so-good on the inside. Jumbo fresh crab chunks in a juicy, rich black truffle cream sauce. I want more of this.


Lemon Grass Chicken Wrap: Inglewood Farm’s Organic Chicken, Kariff, Oyster Sauce, and Sauteed Mushroom $98. These were light, refreshing and pleasantly tasty. The chicken were so juicy and saucy. Loved the healthy wraps!


Side Salad.


48 Hours Short Rib- Short Rib, Asian Pear BBQ Sauce, Ssamjang, Anaheim Chili Pepper, $168. Okay. This is going to be a long one. How I love thee. The succulent, tender short ribs were braised in this sweet asian pear bbq sauce, but had a slight kick to it. The deliciously fatty and glorious piece of beef was perfection. I’m not joking-this topped one of my best dishes of the year!


Truffle Salmon Poached Egg, Norwegian Chilled Smoked Salmon, Crouton, Basil Olive Oil $25. And, the awesome eating fest had to stop somewhere. I’m a huge Egg-y person! So, I guess I had huge expectations for these! I think mine was a bit under seasoned. But overall, this was my least favourite of the bunch. And, even at that- it was still pretty good.


Truffle Bacon Poached Egg, Apple Wood Bacon Loin, Black Truffle, Crouton, Basil Olive Oil $25. I definitely liked the bacon poached egg more. The bacon gave the eggs a bit of a more smokey flavour to the dish! Much better.


Cajun Oxtail Ragu Linguini was absolutely superb. Last but not least- the two of us were in awe of this entire meal. We decided to order one last thing. And, we were not disappointed. Loved the Oxtail ragu sauce….Yum yum yum, can’t wait to be back.

Locofama, 11 Fuk Sau Lane, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong, 2547 7668

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<3 Always, Jess