Longines Gala Dinner

🙂 Last Friday Night…. (Oh, Katy Perry…can’t get that jingle out of my head…) Any who… back to what I was originally planning on saying….

So, last Friday night (I wonder…are you all thinking of the song? Cause I am!)… I attended the Longines Gala Dinner  to celebrate the ‘Longines Hong Kong International Races’ with Yu Jie and Cissy Jie. :DDDD Life is good.

Started off with hair and makeup at Il Colpo! Makeup by AnnieG. And hair by my wonderful hair stylist KENJI!!!!! Thank you 😀

FINAL LOOK!!! THANK YOU GUYS..woah! Took a lot of people’s help to look like this! 😉 Btw….that gorgeous dress is from Dorian Ho! I love his collection. They’re absolutely stunning! Off to the gala we went!

😀 The gorgeous Yu Jie & Cissy Jie! <3 Super blessed.

Now…lets get to the main attraction. The food. Of course.

Steamed French Duck Foie Gras- Spice glazed, dried fruit condiment- I’m usually not a fan of foie gras…its more of an acquired taste…but that night. I loved it. (Perhaps the starving stomach had something to do with it!) The decadent and fatty duck liver wasn’t too strong, and blended in nicely with the sweet fruity chutney. All jumbled nicely atop a crisp brioche toast… 🙂 Nice!

Duo of Soups- Lobster Consumme & Artichoke Soup w/ Aquitaine Caviar- The artichoke soup was soft, creamy, smoothy, and hearty (warming the body). The lobster consumme on the other hand had a really strong, bold taste! Interesting contrasts.

Grilled Turbot Fillet-Slow Cooked Potatoes w/ Clams, Honey Braised Endive, Balsamic Emulsion- Yu Jie ordered the fish option…..She’s a good photographer…she took this….

I took this…Roasted U.S. Natural Beef Tenderloin- Hasselback Potato, Wild Mushrooms Confit, Natural Jus– Beef tenderloin or “eye fillet,” as it’s known in other parts of the world… The tenderloin is sliced from the middle of a cow… between the hip socket and shoulder blades. The meat is supposed to be the soft, moist part of the beef (but this wasn’t the case…but it was still pretty good! Hungry girl inside me!!) It was an ample piece of tenderloin. It was perfectly pink (slightly more on the red side) in the center, juicy, and tough.

Lychee Sherbert- The perfect combination of tart and sweet. It was light, refreshing and simple

Dark Chocolate & Yuzu Mousse, Cherry Glaze– This was the main dessert, but it didn’t cut it. It had a heavy cherry taste, that didn’t blend well with the chocolate… 🙁

Thank you once again IPS, Cissy Jie, Kenji, iL Colpo, AnnieG Makeup, Dorian Ho, and of course Longines!!! <3 Terrific night!

I’m ready for my journey (…a thousand miles. Hmmm…that’s quite a bit of a walk. Guess I need to start working up for it) 😉

Have a beautiful day, folks! Keep the feedback and emails coming!!! I loveeeee hearing about what you all think!! Thanks so much! Happy Holidays! Have you done your Christmas shopping yet? Need to do mine soon!! 😉

<3 Always, Jess