Loooop ice cream shop in Tai Hang

Loooop ice cream shop in Tai Hang alert!! Loooop is pretty awesome. Their neighbouring ice cream shop Lab Made better watch out. 😉 I have always been a sucker for all things sweets. Cookies. Good. Candy. Good. Cake. Good. ICE CREAM? VERY VERY GOOD. After a fun big group dinner at another foodie joint in Tai Hang we ventured over to Loooop to satisfy our sweet tooth.

Loooop ice cream currently only serves four flavours at a time- but its enough to satisfy your cravings! Another cool fact: THE ENTIRE THING IS EDIBLE!!! THE CONE (which is made out of another love of mine: COOKIES)- THE PAPER WRAPPER (which is made out of rice paper!)


I went with ZOO $53. A velvety chocolate hazelnut ice cream served with a freshly baked coffee cookie cone/cup, topped with fine biscuit crumble, a mini cone thats been coated with belgium chocolate and golden crispy pearls and the signature EDIBLE rice paper wrapping. Phew, that was a mouthful!!! I got this beautiful soft serve ice cream cone and was not disappointed. A awesome sweet ending to my night!


What in the world? Why are you torching that ice cream?!


Just kidding. She was only torching the marshmallow outer layer. Inside is ICE CREAM! The Ice S’More Bar $42 homemade marshmallow with chocolate ice cream inside.


MOON $50. Blue Moon ice cream served with freshly baked chocolate cookie cup/cone, topped with popping candy, chocolate flakes, golden crispy stars, crunchy chocolate coating and space themed edible paper.


Haha! Caught capturing my beautiful ice cream cup!


Yes, I usually do smile when I’m taking pictures of food. 🙂

Loooop | G/Floor, 2A Wun Sho Street, Tai Hang, Hong Kong | 

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Lots of <3, Jess