Lose Weight in 21 Days!

How to Diet with Jess.…before I get ahead of myself….

Going to do a little picture comparison case study….Look closely at the two pictures!


Last TUESDAY, September 3- Bvlgari event! It was an amazing night….But if you look closely-upper arms are chubby, fuller…


THIS MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 9th.…See a difference? Slimmer and feeling better already. I started this diet on Saturday September 7th!!! 😀 Lets wait and see the results…..

I’m on a DIET! Who wants to know the steps to lose weight?

Hello readers! I’m going to embark on something a little bit different for the next 21 days! This started last Saturday, on Sep 7th…but before I begin. Let me tell you what the plan/goal/purpose/point is. For the new readers- I’ve been on a plan/mission to Eat Clean, Train Mean, Be Lean…. 🙂  but I have a food blog…and its pretty darn hard.

1) So for the next 21 days…


2) The diet plan will be simple, easy, clean, home-cooked meals at my aunts house! Thanks fam bam! Cousins mostly!! GREAT IDEA! 😉 And friends!


3) Of course, if I have work, dinner events, or I’m outside- then I’ll eat a healthy, low calorie option meal. No thinking about it!!! 


4) And, I will have one cheat meal a week, where I’ll go out and eat. Splurge and live a little– EVERYTHING in moderation, people. (And, you can bet I’ll be super happy about it…just like that above pic!)


5) I’ll walk/gym/exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes a day!


6) Drink copious amount of water. 

Add oil! (Or…Water) Sounds about right…So, again- any takers? Who wants to join me!? Watch me slim down in the next 21 days…I have back-up blog posts as well as my daily slimmed down meal plans posts to come!! Here’s to an exciting, fun and healthy new journey!

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<3 Always, Jess