Lunching at Mourad in San Francisco

Lunching at Mourad in San Francisco was suchhhhh a treat! You can read about my other SF stories here and here! Lets get back to Mourad…Mourad showcases the very best rich and vibrant flavors and ingredients from Morocco, a lil’ bit of a Mediterranean twist and with a Nor Cal finish. The food is exceptionally good (hence the 1 Michelin star.) My tastebuds were overflowing with joy and I loved the beautiful and modern ambience.


We began the meal with lamb tartare with scallops, mushrooms, egg yolk and crunchy rice crisp, US$15. I loved the smoothness and flavors of the lamb tartare. You put a scoop on top of the crispy rice crisp and you are good to go. #Greatbeginningalready


This is one of the 2 cocktails I chose. I went with the beautifully named: Juniper cocktail. The Juniper had gin, kaffir lime cordial, coconut liqueur and aromatic bitters, US$14. Super refreshing, smooth and an awesome drink for lunch.


Next up was the Albacore sashimi, avocado toast with grapefruit, cress and marash ash, US$13 all atop a stunning (and super heavy wooden) platter. This was my least favorite of the bunch only because everything else was too good to be true. Trust me, this was not bad by any means either!


For mains we ordered the Chicken which was beautifully rolled, with peas, carrots, calabrian chili, kumquat and harissa, US$22. The chicken was amazingly tender and juicy. I loved the different elements of the peas, carrots and kumquat. Suppppppper appetizing and filling.


A side bowl of couscous with a drizzle of lemon juice. The couscous was also damn good even though we forgot to add the accompanying sauce and sides that it usually comes with.


The smoked salmon stole my heart. The salmon was paired with radish, lentil, soubise, citrus and z’hug, US$21. This main dish was absolutely delicious. The fish meat texture was soft, creamy and smooth just like butter (it simply melts as you place it into your mouth) and was perfection. I’m drooling thinking about how good this piece of salmon was. My biggest regret was not eating it all up myself. 😉

Do yourself a favor if you go to SF. Go try Mourad! Your stomach and heart will thank you.

Mourad 140 New Montgomery St, San Francisco | tel: 415.660.2500 |


Lots of <3, Jess