Macau Eats at Restaurant Litoral

EatwithJess in Macau! Yup, here’s one of my travel posts (an oldie but a goodie!) After being in Macau for a quick day trip- we were famished for dinner and craving some Portuguese food. We visited one of the ‘best restaurants in Macau’- Restaurant Litoral (海灣餐廳) for some legit Macanese food. The restaurant is spacious, fun and vibrant. We called in to make sure we could get a last minute booking. 

We were seated in one of the restaurant’s many dining areas and immediately ordered! Starving!!!

Ameijoas A Casa | Plate of clams, $150…was more like a gigantic heaping plate of clams. The garlic and white wine sauce were spot on. I slurped up a lot of that MSG-laden sauce base! The clams were plump, juicy and flavorful! Ate way too many for my own good.

Sangria and lots of were consumed but I forgot to take a pic!

Toasted buns.

Caldo Verde | Portuguese Green Vegetable Soup, $45. This soup was flavorful and satisfying. It had a nice zesty freshness to it that I quite liked.

Pasteis De Bacalhau | Cod Fish Cakes (6 pieces), $80. This was a good spin of a potato, fish croquette. It had a nice serving of fresh cod fish in it but I also thought it could have done with less potatoes mixed in.

We ordered their signature stuffed suckling pig, but then they told us it was sadly sold out!!!! So we ordered this instead…

No complaints here! Galinha Africana | African Chicken (half), $200. The African chicken was amazingly tender, juicy and packed with sooooo much flavor! I inhaled this. The potatoes that come on the side were too good. Nicely seasoned!! I was so full and wanted to opt out of desserts but I’m so glad we didn’t!

Serradura | Biscuit Mousse, $38. The dessert was my favorite thing out of this entire meal! I’m definitely going to order this anywhere and everywhere I see this next. It had an amazing balance between creamy mousse and crunchy, sweet biscuit crumbs!! LOVEEEEEED this! Definitely the best dessert ending in Macau…dare I say better than a Portuguese egg tart?!

It was a great meal and a nice change from dining at the casinos. Just make sure you order a cab/uber first from Restaurant Litoral because it took us quite a while to find one! 😉 Afterwards we tried our luck at the black jack tables and I’m glad to say…we came up!!!! 😀 Was definitely a good mini day trip!

Restaurant Litoral | R/C, 261A Rua do Almirante Sergir, Sao Lourenço, Macau | 2896 7878

Lots of <3, Jess