Macau, Yu Jie, Pure Red

I really love this lady. She’s my amazing cousin, ex-roommate, and foodie best friend 🙂

We’ve gone on countless foodie adventures…

So before this picture happened..(As you can tell I’m eagerly awaiting our food & trip to MACAU!)


It’s actually…Jie’s alma mater! I’m a sucker for Bruins, over-sized sweaters, and delicious Macau-nese food 🙂 <3


Yu Jie and I had an work event beforehand for Vi-Springs! <3 Thank you guys! And I had to go into Macau for my work visa. So, lo and behold, Yu Jie graciously accompanied me. We bonded a lot. Heart to Heart conversations are the best. We rode over around 10PM and rode back! Home by 1am. Speedy, too 🙂 Thanks Yu Jie. I love you, as I’ve told you countless times before 🙂 SO…..

Vi-Springs Launch Event! <3 W/ Yu Jie!

WHAT DID WE EAT after the event and before our ferry trip over…..THIS!!! This was the ONLY picture I snapped. Grilled eggplants, minced pork….mixed in this heavenly XO stew…MMMMMM It was hearty alright!

XO Braised Eggplant & Minced Pork…OMG..I’ve DIED..and gone to Eggplant heaven!

So, Yu Jie and I have had a TON of foodie dates

Home Cooked Meals Galore…Auntie’s delicious….clear noodle mix! Citrus-y, tangy, and fresh!

Macaroons…Among MANY other sweets <3

Recently we had a small afternoon snack at Pure Red

Drinks for Auntie, Yu Jie, and me! What had what? Iced Coffee, Hot Latte & Gin & Tonic! 🙂

HOT SKINNY FRENCH FRIES. Hot, Crispy, Crunchy, Fresh..potatoes….Perfect afternoon snack! WE polished it off

Here’s to more foodie adventures w/ Miss Irene Wang! Lots and lots of Love! <3

Pure Red 8129 8882

4/f, IFC mall, 8 Finance Street,

Central, Hong Kong

<3 Always, Jess