Made in HK

Hey everyone, I’m in NYC and visiting Cali and Toronto for the next few weeks! So sorry if I’m a bit slower with the posts 🙂 But I’ll keep them coming!! Let me know of any must-try spots!!

Drawing Room Concepts (the group that brought you Ammo, Vasco, Isono, Alma, Hainan Shao Ye and many more) has another restaurant in it’s gigantic group. Made in HK is located in Kwun Tong’s apm mall serving hungry diners and frantic shoppers classic Hong Kong dishes with a Western twist.

One afternoon I went in at 1pm to a hoard of hungry diners waiting in line. We got a seat and immediately noticed the simple and beautiful interior. The place is open, large and extremely busy.


A sneak peak of one of the special lunch sets: Baked ham and cheese macaroni!! Look at all that gooey, melted cheese!! More on that in a bit.


We both ordered from the lunch set menu which comes with a drink, soup or salad and a main dish. This creamed corn with bacon soup was delicious. It was perfectly soothing for this cold day and we both quickly slurped it up.


Hot, sweet dinner rolls.


Back to the Baked ham and cheese macaroni $88. I had a couple bites and was in love. The baked ham and cheese macaroni was a hearty, creamy, and comforting meal. I loved the gooey cheese that melted into the bacon, veggies, and macaroni. Great lunch dish.


A look at the lunch menu!


MINEEEEEE!!!! Hawaiian Style Pork Chop and Rice $103. These two slabs of juicy pork chops were so delicious! I loved the generous amount of sweet and tangy sauce drenched over the yummy pork chops.

Made in HK | Shop 13, 1/F, apm Millennium City 5, 418 Kwun Tong Road, Kwun Tong | 2156 2000

Lots of <3, Jess