With all the hype about various Ramen shops springing up and around. Marugame is going to be starting a whole new trend 🙂 I predict….. UDON shops springing about in your foreseeable foodie future.

Marugame is located on the 6th floor of iSquare. It’s already a popular udon chain in Japan. But this is the first Hong Kong opening. The concept behind Marugame is basically fresh, fast, carb-y noodles whipped up and served right in front of your eyes. 🙂 It’s a self service noodle joint…with tons of delicious toppings from a tempura station to a sushi area.

Christmas shopping. Check. Dinner…food in belly time. What to eat on a cold, winter’s night?? Check(mate) 😉 hmmmmm….how about some delicious udon noodles!?

They mean business. They take their noodle business very seriously. There’s an intense procedure that customers can indulge in. First it’s homemade. Freshly rolled out, cut, and then bathed in hot water, two different times. Before being carefully separated and then scooped into bowls to the hungry customers desires (regular sized or large). I went with regular.

There’s about 12 different udon choices. But wait! There’s more…

Pick at your heart’s content- Tempura Station & various Omusubi / Onigiri Rice rolls

Tempura Egg- I got this delicious fried runny egg in all its glory. (And an pumpkin tempura)

Jie’s Curry Udon– Thick, flavorful, rich, and semi-sweet curry. 🙂

MINE!!!!!!! Pork, pork broth, green onions over a bed of freshly made udon. The pork broth and udon easily steal the spotlight. A rich, flavorful, light, perfectly seasoned soup broth (It blew my mind. I was either uber hungry, OR it was that good!)