Maureen 摩廚

Maureen is real quaint, cute and unpretentious. It’s East meets West, mostly Chinese dishes though w/ a small molecular twist. The space is relatively small (seating 16 people) located in a small alleyway (beware: the surrounding alleyways look a little sketchy/dark…but once you get in, totally okay! :)) in Wan Chai! The space is comfy, casual and laidback. There’s a small open kitchen, bar seats, and a few tables. They have a set menu that goes from ($250-$350) as well as a la carte. Priced very well for a tasting menu- of course the atmosphere is more simple)! We arrived a bit early for our 7pm reservation. So we headed to a nearby cafe…


AND LOOK WHAT I FOUND!!! Kombucha!! It’s not the same as the ones found in NUR (post) but it was alright….


Rocking all my ROOTS gear!! Thanks A & A for all the awesome jackets, sweats, and clothing!! IN LOVE! <3

We ordered A La Carte, because we wanted to try different things from each of the menu!


I LOVEEEED this! We started w/ one order of ‘Cherry Tomatoes in Special Marinade | $58 | But ended up ordering a second one! IT WAS JUST TOO GOOD! The cherry tomatoes were soaked in the fresh vinegar sauce, garlic, and tomato water! So nice, light, refreshing and delicious. Need to learn how to make this amazing sauce. We ended up drinking the light sauce! Thats how good it was.


They call it “The Perfect Egg” | Perfect Egg w/ Mushroom Fluid Gel & Chinese Ham at 63 degrees | $54 | This was pretty good, the egg was perfect soft, I mean look at that amazing runny yolk. You don’t need to mix it or anything. Just scoop up a small portion of the mushroom gel!


Smoked Crab w/ Truffle Potato Noodles | $78 | Its a really small portion and sounds a lot better than it tasted. It wasn’t bad by any means…but also not too special. But its something different, and the mix of truffles with crab meat is always a pretty good thing.


Spicy Lo Mein | $68 |  Northern Dan Dan Noodles meets Southern wonton noodles, This is one of Maureen’s specialty! Its delicious! Slightly spicy and the noodles had a great bouncy, thick texture to it! Full of flavour and is quite a big portion!


48 Hour Beef Short Ribs w/ Chinese Radish Sauce | $108 | LOVE these. It was amazingly soft, tender and delicious. Only problem…it was dished out the exact same time as the lo mein and the hoisin pork (below) …so we had to eat faster! But it was great!! Great light seasoning, full of flavour and taste. Practically melts in your mouth. I could’ve sworn it was wagyu beef, ex: from Wagyu Takumi (post)!! LOL


Grilled Hoisin Pork | $78 | This and the cherry tomatoes were definitely my two favourites of the night! This pork was seasoned so well! With just the right amount of fat, but by no means too fatty! It was good lean pieces of pork!! You have to get this. I’ll be back for this and the tomatoes. Maybe just 3 orders of this and 3 orders of those tomatoes..oh my! Sounds expensive… JK! 😉


Sichuan Pepper Braised Trotters | $88 | These were surprisingly pretty good! Not too big of a fan, but its quite spicy and had a nice thick, chewy skin taste to it!


Lemon Chicken | $68 | This is a skip for me. We still wanted to try a bit more and ordered this. But it was flavourless. The chicken is good quality, but I dont know….

Overall I had a really good time! Make sure you reserve, cause it was fully booked (small space)…I’ll be back for my faves!! But afterwards we went to nearby Stone Nullah Tavern for snacks (crispy pig ear) and drinks!! Guess we weren’t too full just yet.

Maureen |G/F, 11 Hing Wan Street, Wanchai | 灣仔慶雲街11號地下 | 2915 2261 |

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<3 Always, Jess