Mekiki No Ginji

Alright this name is a little hard to remember but Mekiki No Ginji a nice Japanese (also a popular restaurant chain in Japan) restaurant tucked up above the Hooray Bar & Lounge inside World Trade Center in Causeway Bay. The menu offers an extensive collection of various types of food. From sushi, and sashimi platters to yakitori and numerous special dishes. The dishes seemed all relatively cheap! But they do add up…or maybe its because of the bottle of sake we had! 🙂


Fried oysters in sea urchin sauce ($68) the infamous fried oysters drenched in a creamy bold orange sea urchin sauce is pretty darn good! It comes out on a sizzling plate…and eat as soon as you can! Cause they come out piping hot…and were delectable. Absolutely delectable.


Seared Scallops in broth $88. These were pretty good. The sauce is nice and flavourful, and helped bring out the scallops natural flavours!


Baked Egg w/ Spicy Cod Roe $88 Ok, I love eggs! This is an interesting dish. The spicy cod roe can get a little messy….but it adds a nice kick to the baked eggs.


WE KILLLLLED THIS…Oh my…and had drinks after too. :O


Eat, drink and be merry! <3 🙂 We sat by the open grilling stations! Good view… 🙂


Scallop Sashimi $68. I was craving uni (sea urchin) but they were all sold out!!! 🙁 the scallops were decent. But quite pricey for the amount and quality you get.


Grilled Pumpkin $28 very ordinary…ahhaa but I love eating pumpkins so I ordered this too.


Grilled Pork Soft Bone w/ Wasabiko $78 the grilled pork soft bone was VERY VERY good. I loved the spicy wasabi sauce, but be careful, cause one bite I literally ate the entire sauce…and it was very wasabi-y…BE warned! But still good.


Grilled Minced Chicken $26 This was on the drier side…but still pretty decent.


Japanese Pork Salad $98 I really liked this! Fresh salad with nice pork pieces that were fatty but light…I loved the yuzu salad dressing that came with this.


Supreme Assorted Sushi 8 pieces $320! And finally…sushi! We picked and chose which one we liked…and they’re not too bad!


Open grilling station…overall it was pretty good, if you want something fast and quick…its a nice, easy going spot. And afterwards you can go outside for drinks at Hooray…we didn’t go this time! But next day! 🙂 Great laughs and chatter, for sure! Check out some of my other Japanese posts here!


BIG THANKS to GODIVA for always giving me loads of yummy goodies to eat! <3 You guys are the best!!!

Mekiki no Ginji P502, World Trade Ctr, 280 Gloucester Rd, Causeway Bay, 2895 0885

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<3 Always, Jess