Messina …Gourmet Italian in Hung Hom

Post- work I ventured to the other side (of Hong Kong that is..all the way into Kowloon side!) I’m totally kidding…its not very far! I went to go meet up my cousins and some friends for a late evening bite in Hung Hom! Messina…..was seriously the perfect post- 12 hour film shoot meal!!!! I have a soft spot for Italian food 😉

You can check out the first trailer here!!  ITS COMING OUT TODAY…will post it in a bit! 


Shooting a short film for Tie The Knots was really fun but tiring. Especially if you’re freezing your buns off-in a wedding dress! It looks mighty happy and sunny….but was 17 °C outside!!! Brrrr Brrr Brrrr… 🙂 But thank you crew for such an awesome experience. Missed so much! 🙂 


Awake at 6am…off to makeup and hair by 8am 🙂 We got the good morning light 😉


Pajamas in the Park up in the Peak! Precisely! 😉

12 hours later…it was off to dinner! Can’t wait to show you guys the short film..I laughed, I smiled, I got married, I got sick, I cried…before I give anything else away…..all I can say is I’m really blessed and thankful for this experience. 🙂


Delicious crisp, crunchy breadsticks…and these thin baked sweet potato strips!! YUM ….Good start.


A hearty bread basket just warms my heart.. We then went with a set menu recommended by the chef! 🙂


Culatello di Zibello dop: Gold Spigaroli selection Culatello & Parma Ham aged 28 months served w/ figs tarts HK$230. The parma ham was exceptional! The figs added a smooth sweetness to the sharp and salty ham! Delightful.


Pumadoru e Furmaggiu: Italian Tomatoes Terrine, Taggiasche olives, Burrata Cheese & Tropea Onion Sauce HK$170. Wow! I could not get enough of this…the tomatoes were served like a terrine- very sharp, tangy and strong. Mixed in with the creamy and bouncy burrata cheese- sign me up for a second serving of these!!!!!


 Messina Special: Paccheri e Gamberi Rossi di Sicilia: Gragnano’s pasta w/ Braised Fassona Beef, Mazara del Vallo red Prawns & Pachino Tomatoes Sauce HK$400. Messina is an Italian fine dining establishment- so you better be serving some delicious pasta! And…yup! It was. The Gragnano pasta wrapped around the generous portion of tender Fassona Beef…and the Red Prawns added a beautiful seafood taste. Sooooo delicious..but I couldn’t finish it- since I knew more was coming!


Messina Special: Maialino Croccante: Crispy Suckling Pig, Braised DOP Castelluccio Lentils & Tropea Onions Marmellade HK$450. Wow, was this a beaut when it came out of the kitchen! All our eyes dropped (so did our mouths) to witness the suckling pig. And, it was pretty good! But a tad bit on the salty side….:/ But overall, I still liked it! Just maybe not worth its pricetag…or its looks.


TIRAMISU’ alle mandorle: Every spoonful was delightfully creamy, and mixed in with the mascarpone and heavy cheese along with the crunchy-ness of the thin crisp cookie! Mmmmm…it was hard not to eat every single spoonful.


Petit Fours Selection…. 🙂 MMMMM… WE were STUFFED at this point..


And a lovely takeaway of goodies for all the girlies!!!! 🙂 Simply delightful!!! <3

Messina iL Ristorante  Unit C, 5/F, Harbourfront Landmark, 11 Wan Hoi Street, Hung Hom, Hong Kong, 3746 2733


<3 Always, Jess