Michelin starred sushi at Kanesaka in Palace Hotel

Sushi Kanesaka is well known in Tokyo as serving fresh, authentic and mouthwatering sushi! The original branch was awarded with 2 Michelin stars and we got lucky because they opened up another restaurant right here in Palace Hotel (the hotel we were staying at in Japan! Convenient for us.) Right after a nice stroll through the Palace Gardens, we packed up, checked out and heading over for lunch.

Right before we caught our flight back to HK- we had to hit up ONE more sushi restaurant for lunch. You can read about my first day in Tokyo here. You can also check out one of my most popular posts on EatwithJess: Top 5 Japanese Omakase in HK post!

Sushi Kanesaka opens at 11:30am, with two lunch seatings. The restaurant has a few omakase set lunch options to choose from- 11 , 13 or 15 sushi set (they also ask if you would prefer more sashimi pieces- but we both wanted the original sushi set.) We ordered and watched the chef dazzle us with his fancy knife work. I’m going to be straight with you. Every damn piece of sushi was bomb. This is going to be a VERY positive blog post.

This was the first sushi piece from our lunch and we really enjoyed it. Rich, sweet and juicy flounder sushi.

Next up came (tai) snapper sushi.

Yellow jack sushi was up next.

Soy sauce marinated tuna. I’ve had soy sauce marinated tuna before at other Japanese restaurants in HK- but I kid you not- this was just different and tasted superb. The texture and taste of the tuna is just off the charts.

 (Otoro) Super fatty tuna. Can not go wrong with this. Pure heavenly bliss. AMAZE-balllllls!

 (Ika) Squid w/ lime and salt. Wow. This texture was awesome. It had a pinch of lime and salt to bring out the natural flavors of the squid. The ika was creamy, rubbery and extremely sweet. LOVEEEEED this.

Japanese sardine (anchovy). Look at that glowing, glittering skin. No complaints here.

 (Aji) horse mackerel. Another winner- demolished in one big bite.

Baby sea bream w/ a hint of yuzu. Holy moly was this delicious. The baby sea bream meat was so soft, tender and moist. Super delicate and buttery.

 Bonito w/ ginger. Amazinggggggg! The ginger brought out the delicate taste of the flavorful bonito fish. 

Cherry stone clam was marinated for a day in soy sauce and sake. This was one of my favorite sushi pieces, ever. The cherry stone clam was sooooooo sweet and juicy. Marinated to perfection.

Sea urchin. I love sea urchin- but this fell short compared to all the other sushi. I wish they would’ve  added a dollop more of the sea urchin. I couldn’t even take a very good picture because there was only a rather small serving of sea urchin on this.

This eel sushi was delicious. The eel melts in your mouth as soon as it hits your tongue. Perfectoooooooo!

Clam miso soup

I was feeling super full and satisfied, but how could I say no to this simple yet delicious maguro (tuna) maki. Demolished every single bite.

Tamago…oh no!!! The meal’s over? So fast???? Already??? HOW!?  It was only 12:20pm. We got there at 11:30am. We finished the entire meal in under 1 hour….Sigh.

And a last look at the entrance. It was a terrific ending to my Tokyo trip. More posts on Tokyo and #TravelwithJess posts to come! Thanks for reading and supporting all these years! <3

Sushi Kanesaka Palace Hotel 1-1-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005, Japan | (t:) +81 3 3211 5211

Lots of <3, Jess