Modern European cuisine at BEET in Kau U Fong, Hong Kong

We went to try out newly opened BEET in Kai U Fong which previously was the restaurant Le Port Parfume. The menu is modern European cuisine- simple and straightforward with a strong focus on seasonal ingredients in Hong Kong.

We started with the TRIO of snacks for HK$195 (for the 3 people portion.)

First snack was the snapper ceviche on top of a puffed rice cracker. This was a nice and light refreshing starter.

Chicken parfait! Chicken liver, skin atop a flaky homemade cookie. The chicken liver, fresh grape was cold, sweet and creamy. Combined with the cookie which perfectly melts into your mouth. This was delicious! 

Parmesan cream puff with chestnut cream. This was light yet decadent and had a burst of intense savory and sweet flavors.

Brussel sprouts, black garlic puree, flaked almonds, HK$170. The black garlic puree was delicious and addictive.

Hokkaido scallops with grilled corn and spring onion, HK$200. This was nice but also a pretty tiny portion. We each got 1 thin piece of scallop and then split the 4th piece of scallop into 3 even smaller pieces.

And here comes the mains…

Carrot ravioli, maitake mushrooms, buckwheat, HK$240. We all loved this. The carrot ravioli was flavorful, creamy, sweet yet savory. The puffed rice crackers added a nice touch too.

Close up of the carrot ravioli

Red Snapper, Kuruma shrimp, roe emulsion, HK$290. This was pretty good. I especially liked the crackly fish skin.

We ordered the Black label wagyu but they misheard and got us the chicken instead. We would have to wait an extra 20+ minutes for the beef so we decided to just eat the chicken dish. (Hunger hit first.)

New Territories Chicken, caramelized parsnip, autumn truffle, HK$340. This was just okay. The chicken was a little dry and the portion was a bit small – all of us left pretty hungry.

Hay Ice Cream, strawberries, basil and fried rice crisps (that looks a little scary), HK$115. The ice cream was nice and yummy! The staff gave us dessert on the house since they got the orders mixed up.

Overall, the vibe was great, night was fun! But throughout the meal there were some hits and misses. If you go to Beet, you definitely have to try the carrot ravioli!

Beet, | 6 Kau U Fong, Central, Hong Kong | (t:) 2824 3898

Peace, Jess #eatwithjess #seewithjess