Soho has all sorts of cuisines. There’s western, Italian, Chinese, Mexican, Spanish, Japanese, veggie friendly eateries, pizza eateries and now newly opened New York pizza eatery Motorino.

Go up those Soho elevators as you can get NY right in HK! We had a little So Cal dinner gathering as my friend A came into town. G joined as well! They were in their soft opening phase… And was it packed! However once situated inside the cute stoney cafe lied a friendly, warm, and fun atmosphere with tons of hearty food!

Here’s the eats… (It’s a lot of food. I REPEAT…we did not eat it all!)


Whats cooking, good looking? 😉


Marinated beet salad, ricotta salada, olives, mint and anchovies. The beet salad was very vinegary and somehow lacking something.


Meatballs, braised in tomatoes….. OMG must try this! Scrumptiously juicy, plump and melt in your mouth type of meatballs! Amazeballs!! Get it 😉


Roasted Mortadella, pecorino, tomato, onions and basil.. This was light, refreshing, and tangy! They came with giant strips of mortadella cheese which were slightly roasted on the outside, but hard as you bit in.

To the main attractions… All the pizzas were baked over an open fire in a stone oven. The crust was burned with charred pieces and rather fluffy.


Soppressata piccante, tomato based sauce, fior de latte, spicy soppressata, chili flakes, garlic, oregano, pecorino, extra virgin olive oil $138. The crust wasn’t thick enough to hold the sauce. It was a good pizza but the tomato sauce was really runny and watery.. Perhaps due to it being a soft opening?!


The Jann Sisters in Action 😉


Brussels sprouts, Brussel, fior di latte, garlic, pecorino, smoked pancetta, extra virgin olive oil $148 this was rather flavorous but great flavors just needed perhaps a stronger cheese taste?!?


Proscuitto di Parma, fior di latte, oregano, pecorino, extra virgin olive oil $148 OMG! This won us all over though. The proscuitto were slightly smoked, thinly cut, and amazing!!!! Soft melted oregano and pecorino cheese. Simple, classic and simply the best pizza I’ve had in a whole


Alongside double shot espresso’s for the boys and I!


Tiramisu for dessert! Very standard (gigantic) American sized slice! It was nothing spectacular but a nice sweet finish..

Overall, their were a few hits (meatballs & proscuitto pizza) but also a ton of misses. I would go back again for those two hits though and now that they’re fully operating, I’m sure it’ll be another story 🙂


And then it was off to Yu Jie’s Birthday Party!! 🙂 Love Love.

Motorino Pizzeria, 14 Shelley Street,  Soho, Central, Hong Kong


Be the Light in the Darkness.

<3 Always, Jess