Mott 32

Mott 32 is named after 32 Mott Street in New York. Back in 1851, 32 Mott Street was New York City’s first Chinese convenience store. It was the landmark foundation that made NYC’s Chinatown what it is today. The space is lavish, beautiful and simply stunning. Situated in the Standard Chartered Building: Mott 32 is glittering in gold. When you head to the front desk- you are lead down to the basement and introduced into a modern, traditional beautiful space.

The food here at Mott 32 is farm to table Cantonese dishes with a twist. They’re not your classic dim sum places like Yung Kee, Che’s Dim Sum, Luk Yu, and West Villa to name a few. Mott 32 offers classic dim sum dishes infused with ingredients like quail egg, black truffle and wagyu beef (to name a few!) It’ll cost you though- on the pricier side of the spectrum.


Barbecue Prime Iberico Pork with yellow mountain honey (limited daily). This char siu was amazing. I loved the sweet honey glaze over the tender and juicy meat!! <3


Kurobuta Pork, soft quail egg, black truffle siu mai. Careful! Its hot, be sure to eat it quickly so the soft quail egg doesn’t become completely cooked! But also…careful, since its hot.


Look at that egg yolk!


Signature Crispy Sugar Coated BBQ Spanish Teruel Pork Bun…these were lovely but I wish they were baked for a longer time- then we could’ve gotten a nice golden crispy and crunchy bun.


Hot Buns! Its nice and quite flaky on the outside with a delicious sweet filling on the inside.


South Australian Lobster, Yunnan Ham Har Gow 


Mmmmmm 🙂 I loved the juicy lobster and ham filling! The thin glutinous rice wrapping was perfect too.


Australian Wagyu Beef Puff. I was getting pretty full by this point. Wish this also had a little more time in the oven- would’ve made all the difference.


Prawn with Crispy Rice Paper Cheung Fun. This was my favourite dim sum dish!! I loveeeed the crunchy rice paper on the inside but it somehow wasn’t soggy! Perfect.

Great filling lunch! I’ll be back to try the dinner menu. Thanks Watson! 🙂

Mott 32 | Standard Chartered Bank Building, 4-4A Des Voeux Rd Central | 2885 8688


<3 Always, Jess