Mouth Watering Peking Duck in Beijing’s Opposite House!

Peking Duck. How I love you so. I went to the MEET startup and tech conference a few months back (which was amazing, inspiring and oh so motivating) and in between was able to try out some bomb ass Peking Duck places!! In Beijing- you gotta chow down on Peking duck! A few of us first went to Opposite House to grab some drinks before heading down for some…mouthwatering Peking duck! Yes, I know…I’ve said the words ‘peking duck’ quite a lot already.

Around 7pm we went down to eat at Jing Yaa Tang (the Chinese restaurant at The Opposite House) for dinner. They serve regional Chinese specialties- from dim sum, to hot and fiery Sichuanese and Beijing roast duck! The place was very cool, modern and spacious but absolutely packed.

We ordered a whole duck for the 4 of us. It’s served with 2 baskets of pancakes and includes 2 sets of sauces and condiments for RMB 268. The Peking duck meat was incredibly juicy. The duck skin had this incredible shine, glaze and glimmer. It was the perfect balance between fat and meat. #sooosooooogooooood

Look at this beautiful prize open kitchen! Each duck roasted to perfection.

How do you like to jazz up your Peking Duck!?

Sichuan Poached Chicken with crushed peanuts in spicy sauce, RMB 68. This Sichuan Poached chicken was terrific. It definitely packed a punch and had so much heat. YUM!

“Three cups” claypot with cod fish and basil, RMB 238. This “three cups” claypot with the cod fish was spectacular. I usually like the “three cups” claypot with chicken but this dish blew the original one out of the water. The cod fish meat was plump and juicy. So much flavor.

Oh man, still dreaming about the Peking duck that we ate! Just look at that golden and crispy duck skin…OMG!

Braised Chinese baby cabbage in royal stock, RMB 88. We needed some veggies! And this was nice, warm and perfect for the cold Beijing weather.

Jing Yaa Tang Wok-fried tofu cubes. RMB 88. These lil’ babies were delicious!! Super smooth, hot and creamy on the inside with a nice, light, crispy bather on the outside. Delish!

Grilled lamb skewer with cumin and sichuan pepper, RMB 20/skewer. I’m not usually a lamb person but these were sooooo good. Dip each bite into the cumin and sichuan pepper and it’s ah-mazing!

Steamed hairy crab with shiso served with homemade ginger tea, RMB 168/a piece. Then we ordered hairy crab! This was probably my least favorite out of everything. It was still pretty good but everything else was THAT much better.

Jing Yaa Tang | Lower Ground Level, The Opposite House, Taikoo Li Sanlitun North, No. 11 Sanlitun Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China 100027 | +86 10 6410 5230

Lots of <3, Jess