My Blessings.

A good friend recently stared at me- deer in headlights look, doe-eyed innocence and sweetly said.. “You’re really lucky, you have so much to be thankful for… Jess, you’re really blessed“. And, it got me thinking…why am I so blessed and how in the world did I get this lucky….

July has been really good to me, I’ve been given a lot of extra blessings. I’ve been blessed with too many. I’ve been blessed with good health, great friends, amazing conversations, yummy food, and most family. I hit the jackpot with this one.

Cle de Peau Event w/ my role model- Cissy Jie (she has 2 kids! I KNOW….) Terrific mother, daughter, wife, cousin, entrepreneur…I kid you not. She’s Wonder Woman. Love you.

Food dates w/ my other beautiful and amazing cousin, Yu Jie. I’m extremely grateful to be in HK for the past 2 years….I got so much closer with this one 🙂 Many more food adventures await us, I’m sure of it! Love you

Johnny Bons, Dring, Johnny-kins…also, known as my BABY cousin…VISITED HK! 😉 And, yes… I am older than him. That’s right! 😉 I’ve missed you SO SO SO much. I’m ridiculously proud of you (I brag about him a lot)..I know you will be going on to much bigger and better things. You have so much potential and am truly blessed to watch you grow into the man you are today.

Happy Birthday Mami <3 My mom and dad flew in for her birthday! I’m definitely motivated every day because of this woman. She’s also my biggest supporter. I love you so much, Mami.

Cutie Pies- Babi & Mami

Auntie (L) & Mami (R) These two gorgeous, strong, and independent women have taught me everything I know <3 I hope I can be 1/10th the women you two are 🙂

This girl 🙂 You are a true blessing in my life.

ABU!! My amazing grandmother. I miss this woman every single day <3 She may not be visiting me here in HK..yet 🙂 but I do try and skype with her every single day. And, when I saw this picture in our group family share (Thank God for whatsapp)…well… lets just say, I had the biggest smile on my face. I hit the jackpot.

Since this is a FOOD blog…. Dunkin Donuts in Taiwan!! Oh my. There’s just too many to choose from! 🙂 A real blessing 😉

I can’t stress this enough, I love my family to death. And, I thank God every day for putting these remarkable, extraordinary, and inspiring individuals in my life. Blessed. Indeed. How He Loves (Completely off topic but listen to this song. You could say it’s been on repeat for quite a while now ;)!!) Happy Friday everybody! Ready for the weekend? So, what are some of your blessings?

<3 Always, Jess