My first day in Tokyo, Japan :)

Wow. What an incredible trip to Tokyo this has been. I’m currently typing this up as I’m waiting for my flight to board. I have been waiting for this trip…well for pretty much, forever. It’s my very first time in Japan, period. It’s so sad that that’s a statement (since I loveeeee Japanese food and it’s so close to HK) but I have to say…damn worth the 27 years of wait!!!!! 😀

Before I go into Day 1 of my Tokyo TravelwithJess post….let me just say- it has been amazing…aside from my bulging stomach. (I’m wearing gym clothes to the airport….cause everything else is too tight. UGH!)

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TOKYO. Clean, bright and filled to the brim with bomb ass food.

8:15am-READY to board the plane from HK to Haneda 🙂

10:30am– Some breakfast eats on the plane and an episode of Walking Dead!

2:45pm- Arrived at the beautiful Palace Hotel in Tokyo! After a quick shower and nap- we were ready to explore Japan!

~6:00pm– out and about around Ginza before dinner. Love the Tokyo Metro…so clean, nice and convenient.

6:20pm- we arrived early for dinner at Ukai-tei! Yup, a FOOD blog post will be up soon.

6:45pm- we went with the abalone and Ukai selected beef course for 24,840 yen a person (HK$1,745 a person.) SO EXCITED.

7:20pm- this was part of the dinner set we picked…steamed sea urchin with an amazing lime butter cream sauce. OMG. Just look at it. I didn’t expect the flavors to compliment each other so well.

7:35pm- The teppanyaki master at work!

7:45pm- Amazing wagyu beef grilled to PERFECTION. The perfect amount of marbling. We were stuffed!! We also ordered some cocktails/wine! Total came down to about 30,000 yen a person (HK$2,105 a person.)

Around 9pm– since we had an early dinner. We decided to go try drinks at Bar High Five! Walk-in’s welcome. 

9:10pm- you tell them what kind of drinks you want and they prepare it for you! This one was the seasonal pineapple cocktail.

9:12pm- I went with this refreshing yuzu, citrus-y cocktail drink!

9:45pm- we tried to fit in one more ramen meal nearby.

9:55pm- It closes at 10:30pm!! We made it…and NO LINE!?!?!?

Nope…was already last order and the restaurant wasn’t taking anyone else in.

Perfect first day in Tokyo! <3 Absolutely loved it. More posts about Japan comin’ at ya!

Lots of <3, Jess