New York Travel Diaries: Day 2

New York City! You can read about Day 1 here. For my second full day in NY…my two cousins Johnny and Howie took me out bright and early for a day of new adventures.


HELLO from NYC with my cutie pie cousins, the Liu Brothers <3


We stopped into a neighborhood joint at Bagels & Schmear for a full on breakfast bagel sandwich. I had the ‘everything’ bagel sandwich with sausage and egg. Great fuel for the start of the day.


Then we were off to The Met!! The Metropolitan Museum of Art houses collections of art of over 2 million different artists. The Met is also the largest art museum in the States!


I told them to smile. (They look so happy to be here with me.)


Simply stunning.


We strolled through various wings inside The Met.


Explored through countless rooms of different art wings.


So in love with New York. I definitely want to make my way to checking out all the cool art exhibits and museums in this city next time.


How can one city be so pretty?


The Liu brothers and I went for a mid morning boat ride in gorgeous Central Park!!! <3


Howie did most of the tough labor! THANK YOU. Cause we all know I failed….


Hahahaha okay…fine…they both did! 😉 Look at them go! The boat rides go for an hourly rate but after a tough and brutal 20 minutes (it felt like an hour) we decided to go eat…..


At…. Grand Central!


To try out Shake Shack!!!! It’s no In N Out…but this juicy burger was damn good! We all demolished our burgers and fries easily.


Then H and S took me shopping! I loaded up on clothes, home decor and lots of candy!!!!! <3


The day wouldn’t be complete without an awesome catch up over a giant watermelon soju with my girl AMY!!!! My cousins and their GF’s joined us towards the end to help me drink up the remaining half of the watermelon soju before we headed to dinner!


The night ended with an AMAZING Brazilian feast at Berimbau do Brasil <3


One last evening stroll around this beautiful city…


THANK YOU GUYS! Nothing but <3 for you all! Until next time, New York.

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Lots of <3, Jess