No wonder its called Yakiniku Great

Yakiniku Great has been on my must try list for a VERY long time. I see the brightly lit restaurant every time I’m on Queens Road Central. After a few failed attempts- we finally made it there! Yakiniku Great hails from Japan’s Kanto region, specializing in kuroge (Japanese black breed) wagyu beef. YES PLEASE. The first thing I noticed as I walked in was the fun buzzing atmosphere- it was filled with happy diners, the restaurant was especially clean and brightly lit. Wonder if this will be as good as 298 Nikuya!


We ate really quickly and ordered quite a bit so I’m not sure of all the meats we ordered. Sorry readers!


The Great salad HK$98. A salty green salad with walnuts. There was a few changes with this salad though! We did find something in it (whoops)- but the kitchen immediately came out, apologized and whipped up another one for us! I would pass on this salad and get some other veggies.


A welcome starter- thinly sliced wagyu beef sushi. It was absolutely delicious. Practically melting onto my mouth.


Freshly made kimchi HK$70. The crunch is awesome. It tastes soooo fresh and loved the homemade sauce and kick it adds.


Special wagyu sashimi HK$118. WOW.


Mix, mix, mix. Another look at the special wagyu sashimi. WOW. This blew my mind. For those who are scared of raw meat…well you know the drill – don’t get this. For those who LIKE raw meat. DEFINITELY GET THIS.


2 kinds of tongue | prime beef tongue and beef tongue. HK$168 (On the right is a stick of beef fat…yes sounds gross, but adds so much flavour onto the grill!)


Grapefruit fizz (with alcohol) HK$68 and water! The grapefruit fizz drink was quite light- I couldn’t really taste the alcohol and its not too sweet- for those who like more mild drinks. I love my cocktails, people.


Tougarashi HK$198 | Grill for 3 seconds on each side. The only available portion for this type of meat is 2 KG amount available from the shoulder to arm. Its incredibly decadent, tender, and so so fatty.

So far so good, the service is exceptional for a yakiniku restaurant- very helpful, speedy and polite. The cuts of meat are a bit higher priced but the quality of meat is really good. You pay for what you get!


Negitoro rice (raw wagyu beef with onion rice) HK$88 and a Spicy Kalbi Soup with rice HK$120. I would skip on the negitoro rice. It wasn’t bad but save your quota for the grilled meats. The spicy kalbi soup was another story. I loved the spicy flavours and juicy pork inside the soup. Add a little rice and makes for a great dish!


Wagyu Chuck roll HK$88 | A lean cut mainly from the shoulder. Everything we ordered before was a bit too oily, so this was something we needed to get. Its a leaner cut with less fat and less oil.


Shakushi HK$198 | grill lightly for 5 seconds on each side ( I like that they tell you how to grill it for optimal taste) it melts into your mouth, slightly rare and taken from the shoulder area. Heavenly. Just heavenly. Its very fatty though….but there’s a lot of protein- ok this place makes for a great a splurge meal.


Cook it yourself! Love myself some DIY grilling.


<3 I will be back.


Wagyu Kalbi HK$98 | This was another leaner cut. It was flavourful, juicy, and tender.


Prime Wagyu Kalbi HK$198 | A fattier version of the kalbi. Its delicious…but quite oily!! The kalbi was nicely marinated and seasoned. Doesn’t need any additional sauces.

I understand why they’re called Yakiniku GREAT. Only downfall is its a lottttt of meat and its not the cheapest of the bunch. We paid HK$1800. Pricey….. But overall I loved the meat, atmosphere and food here. Make sure you reserve in advance- they fill up fast!


Yakiniku Great | G/F, Manhattan Ave, 255 Queen’s Rd C, Central | 3565 6129 |