Oddies opened up its second branch on Gough Street in Central. The flagship Wan Chai branch was selling out of their signature ‘Night Wolf’ every single day! The ‘Night Wolf’ is an Italian low fat soft original gelato twisted with 66% dark chocolate gelato AND then mixed in with a crispy and hot local fave street side snack: eggettes! Oddies in Central offers their signature ‘Night Wolf’ as well as an assortment of delicious ice cream and gelato!!


We skipped out on the Night Wolf since we had just finished a very big lunch. But I still had room for a single scoop ($43) of their triple chocolate gelato which was deadly yet decadent. Who can say no to ice cream? The triple chocolate gelato was rich as ever without tasting too sinful. Devoured every single tasty scoop!


A look at their menu! Oooh, definitely going for a Frozen Jar-leto next time!


They all had cute names for the gelatos. A ordered the ‘Burnt Fingers’ which was salted caramel, toffee brittle and toasted almonds. I had a small bite and was surprised by the contrast between sweet and salty. I loved the different textures in the gelato. Yummy!


V ordered the Oopsie Berries Gelato! It looks so pretty…Okay, will definitely be back here.

Oddies G/F, 45 Gough Street, Central 


Lots of <3, Jess