Ole is a long time Hong Kong establishment. Serving traditional Spanish, European inspired dishes (very very good and classic dishes) and I love the beautiful authentic interior. The dining room spaces dazzles in romantic charm with dim lighting and finely sculpted archways and ornamental paintings, vases and decor that rest against (along)  the walls! Another restaurant with this much flare would have to be: Amigo (post). I’ll definitely be back.

Love me some Spanish food! EX: Plaza Mayor (post), Tapagria (post), Fofo by El Willy (post) 22 Ships (post), and Mijas (post) to name a few!


After finishing a Godiva event– close to 9pm, I hangry-ly (hungry + angry) 🙂 made my way to dinner!


We started off with a pitcher of red wine sangria! <3 So fruity, refreshing and quite strong! Yum.


Galician style octopus (tapa portion) $90. The octopus was grilled- perfectly seasoned and loved the crunchy, yet soft texture.


Clams Andalusian style (starter portion) $160. Mmmmmmm…..yummy seafood! <3 Clams drenched in the best garlic, cream white wine sauce!



Sauteed chorizo w/ garlic and parsley $80. The chorizo was delightful! Nicely seasoned, spicy and had a perfect amount of kick.


Traditional COLD Vegetable Soup $80. This gazpacho was great! So refreshing, tart-y and absolutely delicious. Really liked this.


Squid Ink Paella w/ Ali Oli sauce (for 2 persons) $460. The squid ink paella was perfect cooked. The silky, strong aroma of the plump clams, shrimps, mussels and king crabs were so gooood. The paella was evenly seasoned, very well balanced and super delicious. I loved every bite of it! I packed a lot of it to go!


Ole Spanish Restaraunt, 1/F, Shun Ho Tower, 24 Ice House Street, Central, Hong Kong: 2523 8624

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<3 Always, Jess