Oyster Frenzy at Hog Island in SF!

Oyster Frenzy at Hog Island in SF! Hog Island is located on the outside (facing the waterfront) of the historic Ferry Building. Hog Island is well known in San Fran for its delicious seafood, specialty chowders, fresh salad and last but not least OYSTERS, OYSTERS and more OYSTERS! Check out some of my other SF travel posts here and here!


Here’s just a sneak peak of this pretty little darling. I loved the fresh and tangy lime, cilantro and onion sauce that comes with the oysters. Add a bit of tabasco and you are good to go. (More on the oysters in a bit!)


For the love of Bloody Marys! This bloody mary was soooooooooo spicy but absolutely delicious. I loved the good type -is there even a good type? punch-to-your-face type of feeling from the uber spic-ay jalapeños (it definitely woke me right up) and it definitely had a lot of tabasco mixed in!


A dozen fresh and delicious oysters, from Kumamoto oysters from California, to Quivet Neck oysters from Quivet Creek, MA to some Sewansecott (Atlantic oysters) from Hog Island Bay in Virginia. We devoured these babies right up and even debated ordering some more before we realized we still had a lot of food coming our way.


We tried their signature HIOC Caeser salad with little gems, oyster dressing, fried anchovy, croutons and a lot of parmigiana cheese. Look at that beaut. It was a deliciously cheesy Caeser salad!


Last but not least was the heavily recommended chowder. We each ordered our own bowl. God forbid we had to share this amazingly creamy chowder with juicy manila clams, aromatic vegetables, a handful of bacon, potatoes and lots of CREAM! This was so good- it did not disappoint. Trust me and try out Hog Island if you go to SF!

Hog Island Oyster Co. | 1 Ferry Bld. 11A, The Embarcadero, San Francisco, CA 94111 |tel: 415 391 7117


Lots of <3, Jess