Oysters + Edo & Bibo + MORE Interview

Thank you soooo much for all the birthday love! I couldn’t have asked for a better start to this year! 🙂 And, also BIG CONGRATULATIONS to my beautiful cousin Irene and new cousin Karson!!! Love you both so much…and boy was it the PERFECT wedding! Sorry, I’ve been a bit busy but…don’t worry…back to blogging!!! 

Edo and Bibo has been making quite a name for itself as an oyster expert! 🙂 The people behind the darling Sai Kung private kitchen One Thirty-One had opened this new place w/ ET Troops (the people behind TORIMEN-read it here), Edo & Bibo in Causeway Bay- expertly grilling up the perfect steak and fetching up the freshest oysters to match. Perfect couple for my MORE wine column interview, don’t you think?


First got hair and makeup done! Hair- Kenji Ng at iL Colpo in Pacific Place! Thank you


Then it was off to work!!! 🙂 Brrrrr…the weather’s getting chilly! Means only ONE thing….WINTER!!! CHRISTMAS TIME! 🙂 December- my favourite month ever.


During lunch they have a generous serving of appetizer buffet. And you can even opt for just the appetizer buffet and soup of the day for $98.


So I helped myself to a little bit of food…beets, watermelon salad, cheese, smoked salmon and a corn and cherry tomato salad! Don’t mind if I do!


The assortment of oysters were GREAT! Fresh beyond belief, expertly shucked and pure deliciousness. The natural flavours of the oysters completely come out! Perfection!


YUMM!!! Some behind the scenes shot!


Caesar Salad... 🙂


Pan Seared Sea Bream, Roasted Potato & Spinach Salad, Capers Butter Sauce...the fish was amazing! Perfectly grilled and an amazing capers butter sauce!


Hot soup- Lobster Bisque! Can’t go wrong with this!


Blue Mussels in a white wine sauce! Nice, light and fresh! 🙂


Thanks Denise for featuring me in your Wine Column! 🙂 Had lots of fun!


Then it was off to shoot one more interview! Thanks Edo and Bibo!! 🙂 And Bread n Butter for my outfits!


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<3 Always, Jess