Palace IFC

I miss my old house mate. I’ve been spoiled before…I’m used to seeing her from morning to night…but ever since moving out…I don’t get to see her as often as I’d like. However, every time I do get the opportunity to see her. I know we’ll have a blast. And, fortunately for me, and her (you know you love me) 😉 I still get to see her plenty…(see you after my casting today 😉 Yu Jie!!) Love you.

One sunny afternoon, we ventured over to IFC for afternoon tea; over a hearty meal full of laughter, chatter, and well, an awesome catch up session!

I don’t know how you got this shot, but PURE JOY! 😉 Mexican Tomato Soup…mmm mmm good

My lovely date… 🙂

well, her chocolate cake…. 🙂 looks can be very deceiving. DRY and bland.
My beautiful date.. Yu Jie w/ her iced cappuccino and cake
Cold bread :/ No me gusta
Golden Crispy Skinny French Fries 😀 No complaints from the 2 of us!!!
Iced Latte for moi!

Hidden behind the cinema area in IFC, Palace IFC is a lovely, cozy, intimate place with great food…maybe just skip the chocolate cake when you stop on by 🙂 good food but even better company.

Hope you have an awesome day! Gym time, casting…and Auntie, Yu Jie bonding day! Couldn’t ask for a better day! 🙂 Any cravings for afternoon tea? 😉

 Palace IFC

Shop 1058-1059, 1/F, IFC Mall, 
1 Harbour View Street, Central