Palette Buffet at SAV Hotel

Hotel Sav is making waves in Hong Kong as the premier boutique hotel in Hung Hom. They have various collaborations in fashion (rocking the SAV Beach Wear sunglasses below), art, food and more. I went a few months back to try out their afternoon tea at the Sonic Garden and finally went back a few weeks ago to try out their delicious all-day buffet at Palette. The buffet spread is insane and when I went in that evening along with Nat and Eva, we were not disappointed. The space was huge and each seat in every table was filled. The only problem was the staff had to be ultra busy and refill the food constantly, which is really not a problem at all. 😉

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 7.11.15 PM

The signature dinner buffet at Palette is extremely reasonably priced. On Monday to Thursday: Adults are only HK$498, Kids are HK$288, with weekends and public holidays being HK$538 and HK$318.


They also have this delicious 佛跳墙 (classic winter soup.) I loveeeeeed this!! It was packed with a ginormous piece of abalone, chicken, fish maw, sea cucumber, ginseng, bamboo pith, mushrooms and more. This was flavorful, healthy and simply satisfying. The ingredients in this soup alone is quite costly so I’m surprised how reasonable the dinner buffet prices are.


I then went to check out the buffet spread and grabbed a few things I was craving: steamed Chinese style fish, veggies, lamb chop (which I weirdishly was craving that day) and this minced Chinese pork style veggie soup among a few other things that I forgot to photograph.


Drinks are also included. I went with this refreshing kiwi cocktail as well as a few glasses of white wine!


We also got an assortment of grilled items! Abalone, giant clam, jumbo prawn and grilled veggies.


White wine was also consumed. 😉


They also had this terrific birds nest soup for dessert. I was stuffed to the brim by the end of dinner and we barely grazed the entire buffet selection. Great buffet. Will definitely be back.

Palette at Sav | 1/F Hotel sáv Hong Kong | 83 Wuhu Street, Hunghom, Kowloon | 2275 8778 |


Lots of <3, Jess