Panini Heaven- Panino Giusto

Panino Giusto has been making waves overseas since 1979…this little gem of a sandwich shop recently opened up in Hong Kong…right in the heart of everything. IFC. Central, to be exact. Thank you Big Bite for bringing this place over. Bite Limited is also the ones responsible for my love of Fro-yo...Yo Mama, anyone? And….the chains of Triple O’s Burgers.

Whats not to like? Freshly selected meats? Homemade Bread? Ummm..Really LOVE. It’s Fresh, fast, and delicious. Love Love Love. Not to mention…all the sandwiches are made to order and everything is shipped over from Italy. The shop follows… “The rule of 7”. 70 grams of freshly sliced meat, 70 grams of cheese, vegetables, delicious sauces and oils, sandwiched between 70 grams of French bread produced exclusively for Panino Giusto. Okay…lets begin.

So for those of you who don’t know me- I’ve been hanging out a lot with my fam bam! My mom’s in town!!! 😀


So last Friday…breakfast began with these two lovely ladies!! <3 You know me…love myself my breakfast foods (post).


Up on the 3rd floor in IFC….is the newly opened sandwich shop!!!! We came right after the mid-day lunch crowd…luckily we scored seats right by the window! I happily went up for my tasting..we ordered 3 sandwiches.. I had bites of them…just to try them all. And….My God, was I not disappointed.


Montagu ($88) Rosemary and Sage Roast Beef, Tomato, Rocket, Lemon Extra- Virgin Olive Oil …..Ummm… YUM! This baby was fantastic. A thick cut of baquette loaf sandwiched a VERY generous portion of freshly cut roast beef- it tasted so fresh and clean. Recommended for those watching their weights.


Apollo ($78) Roast Turkey Breast, Tomato, Mozzarella, Mustard Sauce… My mom ordered this…And, I tried a small piece. I loved the thick cut of mozzarella cheese! Another clean, healthy, lighter dish.


Tartufo (HK$98) with cured parma ham, a thick cut of scrumptious brie cheese, tomato, rocket and Alba white truffle oil. Ooooooohhh…okay, so this is one of their top sandwiches orders…and I know why it is. It had a generous portion of parma ham with a distinct hint of truffle oil in each bite. And, on top of that- the hunk of dream worthy Brie Cheese (which is the most popular French cheese) packed such a punch. TRY THIS.


Salmone ($88) Wild Alaska Smoked Salmon, Butter, Lemon, Black Pepper. I didn’t get a chance to try this. But the smoked salmon looked GOOD. Another generous chunk of smoked salmon….Mmmmm


Milanese Toasties- Toast Della Casa ($88)…Ham, Tuna, Fontina, Tomato, Tartar Sauce.. (Recommended dish)….Last but not least. My favourite of the bunch. It came out piping hot. It was amazing. The buttered down toast wrapping the cheese…….ham…..tuna chunks….all jumbled in with some amazing tartar sauce!!! Okay okay. This is probably the least diet friendly sandwich out of the bunch; but remember, everything in moderation? 😉 I’m kidding…but BOY- was this GOOD!!! 😀


I had work later….an event at Central/Central…so I had to control my urge to eat them all. But you bet you’ll find me lurking around the 3rd floor atrium in IFC…and Panino Giusto….See you very soon! 😉

Have a beautiful and blessed day folks!! <3 




<3 Always, Jess