Partnering Up w/ Table For Two!

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Yesterday, I also mentioned that Eat With Jess is partnering up with Table for Two HK for a special project!! #biteforchange …people!


Special Package….


With a very special message.

TABLE FOR TWO HK  is starting a new food revolution. For now, please send TFT HK a photo of a healthy meal on Facebook in order to donate a nutritious meal to school children suffering from malnutrition via TFT programs, as well as get a chance to win a voucher with one of their partner restaurants.



Yesterday I posted this #biteforchange meal. It’s also in my cooking video!!!! 🙂

TFT HK will be giving a prize for the person with the MOST “LIKES” on their face book page post every week! Officially kicking off A Meal For A Meal! Do good and win. This week: 3xHK$200 vouchers to RED Official Page & Pure Bar + Restaurant!


Today’s #biteforchange pics inspired from PURE RED….fresh and delicious salads after a great and tiring workout!! Perfect for me and my quest to Eat Clean. Train Mean and Be Lean (post).


My favorite salad/meal from PURE (post)! I pretty much get this every time!!! #biteforchange


#biteforchange meal….a special homemade breakfast. Perfect morning. Fluffy scrambled eggs, fresh salad and organic peppered beets! <3 So, whats your #biteforchange?


Start Slow. The point is to start. 🙂


Limitless.. 🙂 



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