Petite Oyster

One evening, we walked around the Tai Ping Shan area in Sheung Wan to find some new eateries to try and stumbled upon one of the cutest restaurants. With minimal décor (which I really liked…it was just romantically dimly lit, with a French cafe type of feel)…just a simple floor to ceiling open window to showcase the simple, small lively bistro: Petite Oyster. Instantly both our oyster craving came into play and we had decided on our dinner destination.


Theres only a few tables and we luckily secured a small table for two in the back of the cafe. There were only two staff members, but they were quite good with their service. The menu has a lot of local snacks too which were really cheap: like chicken soft bone, ox tongue skewers as well as a very extensive main course (which is pricier) …but their specials are their oysters…which is exactly what we wanted too.


Fresh, hot bread came out fast… 🙂


We ordered a dozen oysters which range from $32 to $68 a piece depending on which types of oysters you want. They have oysters from the States, (REPRESENT! Woohoo) Japan, all over Europe, Australia, etc. And boy….WERE the goooooood. Creamy, silky, rich and perfect. Love, love , loooooved it. I LOVE oysters…check out my Water Bar post! 

We ordered a second batch…… of these bad boys. We weren’t too hungry for the main courses this time- we had our craving of oysters and fulfilled just that. 😉


Grilled Chicken Soft Bone $68...were AWESOME. So crispy, crunchy and ridiculously addicting. It was a nice small, light snack….we were full from all the oysters.


Grilled OX Tongue $85. YUM! These bad boys were too good. Nice, juicy, succulent pieces of plump ox tongue marinated in a tasty soy sauce dressing.


Last but not least was the CANDY JAR…filled with gummies, lollipops…and you can take as much as you want! 😀 MUAH HAHAHAHHA <3 I took a lot… 😉 The bill for two came out to about$1000 though…with no drinks! So, the price is definitely more on the steep side…but its probably cause we ordered a LOTTTT of the oysters.

So…I’m not done yet…I really liked this place, so I went for round two a mere two days later.


You betcha I had oysters! No…not oysters overkill just yet… 😉


Four more…less than last time!


Broccoli Soup with plump crab meat $68 which was sooooo good! The broccoli soup was piping hot, fresh and full of flavour.


We split the Fish and Chips for our main. (Oysters are FILLING)….Deep Fried Halibut and Chips $185. that comes with its own homemade tartar sauce…Yummy! The fish was perfectly crispy in the deep fried batter but the halibut was perfectly smooth, juicy and delicious on the inside…AMAZING! Loved, loved this.

Again the bill was roughly $1000 for two, for no drinks! :0 but the food is pretty darn good! So, overall…I’m a fan. I’ll be back! 😉

Petite Oyster, G/F, 44 Sai St., Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, Phone: 2549-0808


Loving the new boards from Privet Court: 🙂 CHECK IT OUT for more wall decor & signage… 😀

<3 Always Jess